A dining room where to receive

A dining room where to receive

Entertaining is one of the great pleasures of the French. And to make the moment even more pleasant, nothing like a dining room worthy of the name. Here are some inspirations that will make you want to invite your friends.

For a reception

Roche Bobois ### Those who appreciate large dinners will bet on a refined dining room where a table stands which can accommodate many guests. Once again, we opt for a very rough table that we combine with very designer chairs to create a very decorative shift.

For a castle-style dinner

Maisons du Monde ### If you are more of a "castle dinner", you will appreciate the large classic tables whose curved legs are distinguished by their elegance. We choose chairs with high backs like a throne. And above the table, we place a monumental chandelier that will perfectly dress the height under the ceiling.

For a practical dinner

Ikea ### If you want above all to be able to easily access the table when you are in the kitchen, it is best to place it near your open kitchen. Very user-friendly, this arrangement will above all allow you to stay with your guests even if you are cooking!

For an extendable dinner

Ikea ### If you never know how much you will be for dinner, opt for a large table at first and choose benches rather than chairs. The bench will allow you to install more people while taking up less space around the table.