The different styles of curtains

The different styles of curtains

Saint Maclou curtains

Saint Maclou Curtains in Diana fabric. Rather classic curtains with their blue polycotton fabric and their silver patterns. For a timeless atmosphere. Composition: 63% polyester, 37% cotton. 17.90 euros per meter. Saint Maclou.

Heytens curtains Megève

Heytens Curtains made from Ecorce and Uno Vert fabrics for a very vegetal atmosphere in the colors of nature. Chocolate bark jacquard fabric, 59% polyester, 41% acrylic, L 140 cm. Price 26.90 euros. Uno Green fabric 50% polyester, 50% cotton, L 140 cm.

Heytens eyelet curtains

Heytens Curtains ready to hang with eyelets. For ease of installation and a contemporary atmosphere. To be preferred for small budgets. Ready-to-install panel in cheesecloth, in 100% cotton bachette in plain or themed color, integrated fusible band. Dimensions: from 135 to 140 cm (width), and 240 to 260 cm (height), with 8 round eyelets. Price: from 22.90 euros to 34.90 euros per panel.

Heytens curtains manhattan

Heytens Curtains made with brown Building jacquard fabric. Ideal for a masculine and young atmosphere but adapts to a neutral decor. Fabric 60% polyester, 20% acrylic, 20% cotton. Dimensions: 135 cm. Price: 24.90 euros / m.

Saint Maclou pink curtains

Saint Maclou Curtain made with striped Silea fabric for a young and colorful atmosphere. Ideal for an urban habitat. 51% polyester, 49% viscose. 138 cm wide. 15.90 euros per meter. Saint Maclou.

Heytens curtains istanbul

Heytens Curtains in cream Bodrum jacquard fabric for a classic and timeless atmosphere in a bedroom or living room. 100% polyester fabric. Dimensions: 135 cm (width). Price: 22.90 euros / m.