Choose your shower column in 6 steps

Choose your shower column in 6 steps

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Are you about to buy a shower column for your bathroom? Here are the 6 essential steps of your purchase.

Mechanical mixer

AKW The most common option is mechanical mixers, that is, the temperature is adjusted by hand using a rotary control. Basic, they are less expensive than thermostatic models.

Thermostatic mixer

Duschulux Controlling the flow rate and adjusting the water temperature to the nearest degree, that is the whole point of thermostatic mixing valves. Comfort and savings at stake!

2) Choosing a shower head

Jedo What's next? Complete the water outlet from the shower column with a shower head intended for the hand shower. Generally made of polyamide and generally of standard size (15 x 21 cm), this does not imply an existential question on the shower, with the exception of the type of spray: rain, foaming, mist, soft… including many models have priced the whole pack!

3) The choice of shower hose

Samo One piece of advice for choosing the shower hose: choose brass material, of better quality than plastic, and a length suitable for the shower (if you are tall, for example, a hose going beyond the standard size 1.50 m is required).

4) The choice of decorative style

Cedam Before determining the choice of material for its future shower column, we determine the style we want to assign to the relaxation area! Preferably in harmony with the rest of the bathroom, it can be as contemporary as design or natural.

5) The choice of material

Mirror Block The choice of style in your pocket, it only remains to elect THE material of the shower column. Very modern, the glass and chrome steel models play the aesthetic card in style. Teak or bamboo models are also increasingly popular in that they perfectly combine a natural spirit with a contemporary look.

6) The choice of an additional function

Lapeyre As a bonus, for the more affluent budgets, there are shower columns that have pushed the concept of "well-being" from a "latest generation" angle. Hydromassage or light function on the program!

Hydromassage function

Hudson Reed Combining the pleasure of a shower and a massage is an increasingly common and accessible luxury. This luxury is called a hydromassage column. Composed of water jets distributed vertically over its entire surface, it works as well for the cervical as for the plantar and unlike the aprioris, it does not involve the arrival or additional flow of water!

Light function

Adeonna For fans of high-tech interiors, the light version shower columns are made for you! Equipped with LEDs, they create a Spa atmosphere in the bathroom ... Luxury!