Classic style decor in the kitchen

Classic style decor in the kitchen

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Classic cuisine is a fairly traditional cuisine in which the furniture is ornate. We mainly find wood, whether painted or natural in color! Here are some ideas to give a classic style to your kitchen.

A functional kitchen

Goal ### In a classic kitchen, we put on a generous space in order to be comfortable for the preparation of dishes. There are also many worktops to make the kitchen functional. Of course the storage spaces are multiple.

Classic details

Hygena ### Bet on details that will bring a classic style. Think of metal handles, glass cupboards and old fittings (high tap). Do not hesitate to display your most beautiful dishes on the shelves.

Classic furniture

Hygena ### Choose furniture with a classic spirit. We then put on doors and ornate drawers. On the color side, choose wood painted in a fairly light color. Combine the wood with tiles for the worktop and the splashback.

An old spirit

Hygena ### Classic cuisine has a spirit of yesteryear like traditional kitchens in family homes. We can therefore afford to store family dishes or other utensils that are not the first years.


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