A decorative rack for my laundry room

A decorative rack for my laundry room

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To carefully store the ironed shirts and pants, the laundry room is fitted with clothes racks and hangers! Suspended, they are not likely to wrinkle. Our decorative selection.

A metal rack

Zara Home Minimalist and metal in color, this clothes rack cheerfully welcomes all of our freshly ironed wardrobes!

A wall rack

Ikéa Very space saving, this wall rack is very small in the laundry room for a maximum of tidy shirts!

A maxi design rack

The Collection Strangely unusual with this rack! Instead of a classic rod: a long wire in the shape of a pearl necklace… made of wood. Chic-issime to arrange our wardrobe on hangers!

Doubles of racks

La Redoute If the laundry room is spacious, two clothes racks are better than one! And in the same style please to play it 100% decorative.

A basic clothes rack

Classic goal, this rack becomes decorative thanks to its content! Our pretty dresses, colored hangers, and that's it!

An extra flat rack

The Collection Almost in 2 dimensions, this rack is ideal for carrying bath and bed linen!

A clothes rack

Purpose More connected, this clothes rack / dressing room brings upscale the laundry space and its generally neglected storage.

A rack on racks

Ikéa Mounted on racks, these hanging rods and trays allow us to have a clean and tidy laundry room!

A rod between two pieces of furniture

La Boutique du Rangement Not really a clothes rack, this high storage space with a rod allows hanging finely ironed costumes.