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Decorative coaching: modernizing a traditional house

Decorative coaching: modernizing a traditional house

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Céline and David have just acquired a single storey house in the suburbs of Istres. Healthy but dated in terms of decoration, the building deserves a radical transformation in order to perfectly match the tastes of the young couple. The latter would like larger volumes, more functional spaces, several bedrooms, natural light and above all a beautiful exterior. These criteria correspond to their lifestyle based on the pleasure of welcoming family and friends simply but comfortably. Their dream? A friendly, open house but also offering more intimate, more "cozy" spaces. Céline and David's tastes in decoration are essentially anchored in a contemporary style, and highlight "design" elements. Elegance, sobriety, clean lines are favored by the couple for all the pieces. However Céline and David are not closed to a few touches of originality. For their new home, the decorators of the agency Mon Interieur Sur Mesure offered them ideas that met their desires for chic and conviviality!

Living room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure From the point of view of the layout and taking into account the corner sofa that the couple already owns and the location of the TV outlet that is difficult to modify (according to the former owners), the furniture will be arranged "U" facing the existing TV wall. The idea is to be able to optimize square meters at the front of the sofa by completing it with new furniture while staging the stone wall at the back. The long TV wall will also be optimized, the objective being to reduce the impression of crushing due to its long length. For this, the decorators of MISM recommend a zone of color different from the other walls painted vertically. The arrangement of the TV cabinet, lights and wall elements will "partition" the space and thus accentuate the feeling of warmth and conviviality. As for the facing walls, they must be smoothed with plasterboard (BA13) except the wall behind the sofa which will be divided into 2/3 stones 1/3 BA13.

Trendy drawing board

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure For decoration, the main element both in terms of style and color, is the very contemporary two-tone sofa. Therefore, the decorators propose to keep this common thread in terms of style of furniture and lighting (a coffee table but bringing a singularity, by mixing contemporary furniture influenced by the industrial and Scandinavian style.

Kitchen sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Despite its advantages, the 35 m² veranda kitchen has old-fashioned wall and floor coverings (yellow plastered wall and white tiles laid diagonally). MISM's decorators recommend painting the walls in tinted white as in the living room ("milky white", Colors, Castorama). The installation of laminate parquet is also recommended.

Trendy kitchen board

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In the kitchen, the style of decoration will be a skilful mixture of contemporary furniture and design and vintage influences, without being ostentatious. The table with the concrete decor tray responds to the kitchen work plan.

Dining room before works

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In the old "dining room" space, we find the uninteresting white tiling which accentuates the feeling of "cold", opposite to the modern and warm decoration that the owners, Céline and David wish.

Dining room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The team proposes the creation of a wooden "partition" (cleats) on the side of the door leading to the future bedroom. In addition to its very decorative graphic side, we create an "airlock", an intimacy between the two rooms in a row, especially since they do not have the same function ...

Dining room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The house has a very nice veranda of 22 m², bright and well maintained, with a glass roof equipped with manual blinds and a bay window overlooking a pretty garden. It is slightly below the living room, and currently separated by a partition with two French doors doomed to disappear to create a large living room. The niches will be optimized in modern, functional and decorative libraries. The decorators at MISM also advise choosing wall lights, more "stylish" than the spotlights on rails with a "low end" look.

Trendy dining room

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The chairs are deliberately mismatched to accentuate the convivial side of the dining room. Two other armchairs often used in outdoor furniture remind us that we are in a veranda open to the garden. The colors remain in harmony with the living room and the kitchen: gray, white, black punctuated with blue in different shades and a burst of yellow. The materials mix between wood (heat), metal (industrial style), plastic (design). The decorators of MISM also recommend bringing the garden into the room with the addition of stylish plants too (cacti, palm trees, etc.) in a selection of pots of different sizes and / or colors.

Room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Currently in the kitchen and laundry room, this 21.28 m² room will be transformed into a master bedroom. The laundry room will be kept as it is and must be separated from the bedroom by a partition without door. The French window leading to the veranda will be maintained. A roof window will be installed. In total the new room will have an area of ​​approximately 14 m², and will be designed as a real designer cocoon. The decorators of MISM recommend removing the plastic suspended ceiling (aesthetically, suitable for a kitchen, less for a bedroom).

Trendy master bedroom board

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In terms of decoration, the style of the room will oscillate between contemporary and chic "seaside". The wood will have the good part thanks to a headboard in pallets and a small separation made in battens (reminiscent of the one located at the entrance of the bedroom) with the shower space. The decoration will be completed by a seagrass carpet and touches of turquoise and water green to harmonize the whole.

Shower room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The decorators of MISM have provided a small but functional shower space. All the water and electricity outlets will be used to install the equipment for the future shower area. The challenge is to separate this space from the sleeping area and take care of the floor and wall coverings to maintain overall harmony. It involves devoting the same space as the current kitchen to new equipment, and therefore using the entire length of the room. The MISM team proposes to install a walk-in shower with glass wall, a washbasin cabinet and a very simple storage shelf. The materials chosen are concrete for the floor and for the base of the wall hosting the sink. The mosaic plates will be used for the shower walls and above the vanity unit.

Trendy shower room board

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The decoration style is contemporary in its most "basic" form. Hence the choice of concrete rather than earthenware or tiles. This uniformity offered by the flat concrete gives the illusion of a larger space, unlike the tiles that "cut" the surface. To maintain the "wood" harmony, the vanity unit is decorated in "bleached oak", accompanied by a round wooden mirror.