Knitting for a soft children's decor

Knitting for a soft children's decor

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Knitting invades all the rooms of the house even the universe of the smallest. In the child's room or baby's room, there is no shortage of crochet or knitted decorative items. Functional and crisp, it brings softness and a touch of color. Trophy, baby organizer, stool top, music box ... There is no shortage of accessories to create a cocooning room. Here are our suggestions.

Making knitted toys

knitted teddy bear color Made Heart For your child to have toys a little different from those of his classmates and out of the ordinary, choose hand-knitted cuddly toys. You can also make them yourself so that they are unique to him. Price: 33.75 euros available on Made Heart

A trophy as a wall decoration

Retro line / A little market This pretty embroidered reindeer sits proudly on the wall of a child's room as if he were watching over your baby. It is an original way to bring a little color into the room and create a cocooning and comforting atmosphere.

A small lace frame

Tanatanapa Blog To frame your child's drawings or photos, consider installing small knitted photo frames. You can also make these decorative items yourself with knitting yarn. Source: Tanatanapa Blog

Baby organizer

Bergère de France / Blog I create my desires It is one of the most practical accessories for storing and transporting the belongings of the little ones. But that does not mean that it should not be decorative! The proof, in this room, he sports pretty patterns and several pockets to be able to store different objects. The little extra? Harmonize it with the blanket if you install it in a cot.

A music box like no other

Retro line / A little market Do you think this little penguin is a plush that could not be more commonplace? Well think again! It is actually a musical plush made with a hook to rock baby very gently at bedtime. Available on A Little market

Have a woven storage box

Blog Atelier Nat Storage boxes are very practical for quickly storing a child's room or a playroom. Choose an embroidered one that will be both aesthetic and light to be able to contain the books, toys and coloring pages of your toddlers. Source: Blog Atelier Nat

Customize your office chair

Phildar Generally, children do not love time for homework. To encourage them to work, opt for a personalized chair at the back and feet with a small tailor-made rabbit costume! Your little one will remain strangely well seated…

A colorful garland

Blog The Roses of September To dress the walls of a baby's room, these knitted pennants are irresistible! Make them in pastel or more colorful tones depending on the style of the room and hang them above the cradle or the changing table so that baby can enjoy them. Source: September Roses Blog

A neon pink cushion

Little Emma K / A Little market This adorable cushion in the shape of a funny monster brings color to children's decor. You can also opt for musical models that emit soothing music. However, be careful not to put them in the baby bed, otherwise it will trigger the music in your sleep. For sale on A Little market