10 decorative knitting inspirations

10 decorative knitting inspirations

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No need to be an expert in crochet or knitting to adopt knitting in its decor! This small tool of French invention, as simple to use as a child's play, allows you to create highly noticed creations for a bedroom, a living room, an office or a birth gift. The proof in 10 decorative inspirations around knitting and so many good reasons to invite it into your interior…

Knitted rabbits

Couture et Turbulences What could be better than using knitting, one of our favorite children's toys to customize the decor of the children's room or birthday party? The idea did not escape Gaëlle, the creator of Couture and Turbulences who signs a lovely wall decoration with Luce and Lucien, rabbits… not morons! Source:

Sweet words

Charlie & June Sweet words, words of love, words to laugh or to say "Hello" ... This is the concept of knitted words designed by the creator of Charlie & June. Here we have chosen the word Hello but it could be Home, Carpe diem or: Unconstitutionally! Source:

Hearts entwined

Charlie & June Love on the walls to remember the essentials, always ... This is the idea of ​​these entwined hearts made by Julie de Charlie & June. Hearts that follow each other and that sometimes look alike to immortalize a pretty frieze heart on your wall ... Since we tell you that "Love will win"!

Knitted names

Charlie & June You don't have the DIY soul to create knitted names? Fall for these 100% decorative first names made by the designer of Charlie & June. To hang on the wall or to hang casually on a shelf or chest of drawers to bring a few touches of softness in the little one's bedroom ... Because yes: a word is worth 1000 images!

A mobile first name

The humpback whale on A little Market Made of metallic wire covered with knitting, this customizable mobile name is an item of choice to perfect its decor with a few notes of sweetness and poetry. To add to the decorative arsenal of the baby's room or to offer as a gift. The pennant garland suits him so well!

A knitting phrase

Sweet dreams on A little Market After the words in knitting, make way for the phrase in knitting. This sentence "life is beautiful" made by the boutique Jolis Rêves instantly invites the sweetness to enter your interior. It's just the mesh that goes with it, don't you think?

A knitting lamp

Jessica H. from the Zess blog A knitting lamp: this is a bright idea! Demonstration with this pretty mint wool lace made by the blogger of Zess. No more unsightly electrical wires that put nerves in the ball. Here, the cables are gracefully sheathed in their woolen coat and the lighting in the bedroom is all the more charming, poetic and offbeat! Source:

A knitted flowerpot

Bluettine Defrasne Using a knitting machine, a flower pot and a little wool, the blogger from Bluettine made this pretty plant pot. His ficus, well wrapped in his woolen scarf, is not likely to catch a cold this winter! Source:

Knitting frames

Velvet Making knitting frames? You had to think about it! Velvet from the blog A star in the ocean tested it for you. Verdict? After a few turns of the crank, the photos are sprinkled with a pretty woolen frame which offers its tubular mesh to the caresses of the eye. Source: