Chez Caroline et Clément: a 110m2 loft full of life

Chez Caroline et Clément: a 110m2 loft full of life

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Chez Caroline et Clément is a bit of a house of happiness, there are always friends who spend it either on weekdays or weekends, it is a place full of life. It is this friendly and festive spirit that Caroline and Clément wanted to instill by buying this 110 m2 loft 11 years ago. Caroline likes atypical goods where everything remains to be created. It was therefore without difficulty that the couple imagined what they could do with this volume located inside an old factory. The works were carried out by them, some pieces of furniture were also created by the couple. Here, all in a story, from the Club armchair of Clément's grandfather to the reel recovered on a building site towards Caroline's grandmother.

The importance of words in decoration at Caroline's

Cloporte Words and numbers are always at the center of decoration at Caro, so much so that she made her passion her work since she is at the origin of a site where all the elements of decoration revolve around this theme: initial. She cuts and imagines her stickers herself according to her inspirations.

The cocoon lounge

In the living room a small glass roof slightly partitions the space for a cocooning spirit. The sofa and the coffee table come from Ligne Roset, Caro likes the mixture of vintage and contemporary. The back wall was lined with Ikea wallpaper. Under the stairs, Caroline's dad made a storage unit at his request, made up of small printing drawers bought at the Puces.

The staircase

Cloporte The metal and iron staircase that leads to the sleeping area was made to measure also in keeping with the original industrial style of the place. The concrete slabs have been left exposed. In order to warm up the raw aspect of the building materials a little, we find soft watercolors on the wall of a friend of the couple, Vincent Derivey.

Recover and memories of trips in the sleeping area

Cloporte We arrive on the first floor in the sleeping area, on the right the parents' bedroom and on the left the bedroom of César (10 years old) and Paco (7 years old). The brightness is quite strong because we are here at the canopy (original canopy of the factory which has been preserved). The door to Caesar's room was recovered from the site and stripped. A little Amish witch brought back from the trip was stuck on the door for a little naive decorative touch.

Cesar's loft bed

Cloporte Recently Caesar wanted a room "large" in order to gain space and arrange an office in his room a mezzanine was custom made by a cabinetmaker.

The wall lamp made by grandpa

Cloporte Le grandpa de César fulfills all the wishes of his grandson. When the latter asked him for this hanged wooden wall lamp, he was quick to make it for him.

In the parents' room

Cloporte A large Ikea bed is placed under the canopy. Here too we find an initialdeco sticker used at the head of the bed. Everywhere on the ground the couple kept the original screed, the latter was sanded and covered with a metallic emulsion. A filing cabinet recovered from an old factory was used to store the shoes.

Personalization of the dressing room

Cloporte In the bedroom, Caroline personalized her wardrobe with old recovered sheets, stencils and textile paint. Here again the words take all their importance in the decoration.

The master bedroom bathroom

Cloporte At the end of the parents' bedroom there is a second dressing room and a bath-shower area recently made by an artisan at the couple's request. Before the bathroom was not partitioned. Caroline bought the bathtub from the flea market in the Red Barn.

The personalized canvas

Cloporte One of the wedding gifts to which she is most attached is this personalized canvas produced at the request of their witnesses, illustrating Caro's passion for DIY and Clem's passion for rugby - and illustrated by Isabelle Kessedjian.