10 hotels that look like dream vacation camps

10 hotels that look like dream vacation camps

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The teenage trend follows us all the way to our holidays. More and more adults feel the need to reconnect with nature but also with human contact, by turning to stays where sharing, collective activities and nature become queens. In the United States, there are even real summer camps, with campfires and archery, exclusively reserved for adults. Discovery of 10 hotels where idyllic holidays and a return to childhood are not incompatible.

Eco-tourism and heavenly bungalows

Bom Bom Hotel Direction the Gulf of Guinea and Principe Island for an unforgettable stay. Here, we sleep in typical bungalows, we swim with turtles and we take the sea to see the whales. The Bom Bom hotel sees travel as an immersion in nature, eco-responsible, and we love it!

Greening in New York

Rushmeyer's In New York, we rediscover the spirit of summer camps at Rushmeyer's. We practice cycling, fishing or table tennis and we share barbecues around picnic tables. An appreciable green crumb in a festive and natural atmosphere.

Sport, DJ and swimming pool in Punta Cana

Breathless Hotel Punta Cana In a teenage party spirit, we rush to Breathless, in Punta Cana. Here, only adults are allowed and the atmosphere is sport and party around the pool and in the disco. For holidays with friends that will make you find your 16 years!

Yurts in the Canaries

Finca de Arietta In Lanzarotte, we experience eco-tourism in cozy yurts or stone cottages. At Arietta's finca, you contemplate, discover landscapes and chat around the pool. A return to nature and sharing that will not fail to disconnect the most geeks of us!

A cottage in the heart of the countryside

Little St Simon Island Find the sensations of your childhood vacation in an environment where nature reigns supreme. In the United States, on the island of St Simon, Little St Simon Island offers cottages, rooms and chalets for couples, groups and families. We find here the natural rhythm, the sunrises and the authentic pleasures of a life in holiday camps, comfort in addition.

In a house in Senegal

Host Royam It is in a heavenly environment that the Royam hotel will offer you to discover Senegal. Here, you connect with nature and leave the city vibe aside. The rooms are located in pretty traditional and very refined huts. As for activities, you can go on a safari to discover incredible wildlife and take advantage of the hotel's nautical base. A sunny, chic and exotic vacation camp!

A colo of adults without constraints

Club Med Club Med in Kemer, Turkey is for adults who want to party like children. Here, no constraints will stand in the way of your holidays, placed under the sign of relaxation, sport and celebration. Water skiing, tennis, windsurfing or even free diving will be offered to you during the day, when the dance floor will ignite every evening. An ideal summer camp for adults without children!

Luxury and authenticity

The Carneros Inn In California, you fall in love with The Carneros Inn which offers very cozy cottages. The architecture is in a natural but luxurious environment: swimming pool, bicycle rental and spa will make you spend a stay with friends ideally friendly, since very pretty wooden terraces decorate the homes.

A bungalow in the pine forest in Italy

Hotel Top Clubs Villagio Oasis Summer camp atmosphere for the Hotel Top Clubs Villagio Oasis, located in Italy, south of Salerno. Here, we love life in the shade of the pines, the sports activities offered throughout the stay, the aperitif on the bedroom terrace and the convivial meals included in the stay. For holidays where everything is possible, like when you were a child.


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