Moroccan atmosphere at home

Moroccan atmosphere at home

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Right in the bohemian trend, the Moroccan decoration conceals traditional wonders, revisited or not, which will bring notes of escape to our interior. Textiles, lighting, furniture ... Moroccan know-how is elegantly invited to the home. We love this authentic style with shimmering colors and graphic patterns, which favors natural materials. Inspiration in 10 images to create a Moroccan atmosphere at home.

Decorative accessories in worked metal

Maisons du Monde On the accessories side, there is abuse of tealight holders, lanterns and other metal mirrors, worked with traditional patterns. They bring a very graphic Moroccan spirit into the house without overloading the decor.

Berber carpets: colorful and authentic!

AM.PM We brighten up the floor with a very colorful Berber carpet. Its geometric patterns and traditional weaving, know-how from the Berber regions of Morocco, bring to the living room a bohemian and authentic decor.

A carved wooden headboard in a moucharabieh style

Maisons du Monde A wooden headboard, white and carved in the manner of moucharabiehs, will wonderfully invite you into the bedroom to set up a delicate ethnic atmosphere. We like to associate it with ivory bed linen, in natural materials and with some wicker accessories.

A Beni Ouarain rug

Pink Rug Co. Graphic and traditional, the Beni Ouarain Berber carpet is a typical piece in Moroccan decor. We love its geometric, zigzag or diamond patterns, which blend perfectly into a contemporary interior. A must have.

"Thousand and One Nights" lights

Maisons du Monde To create a "thousand and one nights" effect in the home, we opt for one or more suspensions in perforated metal. The light that will emanate after dark will seem to dance on the walls. We really like the one proposed by Maisons du Monde, in which are embellished with pretty midnight blue stones.

Handmade cushions

YüYü Paris The cushions are adorned with a Moroccan look with pretty fabrics in natural colors and why not, like here with a Berber model, pompoms to die for. We prefer handcrafted pieces for the authentic side.

A delicately carved screen

Maisons du Monde To divide a room in two while injecting it with a Moroccan spirit, we opt for a screen in carved and bleached wood. Associated with a wardrobe or a dresser with doors also carved, the effect will be exotic and elegant.

Pretty baskets from the Atlas

YüYü Paris We fell in love with these pretty baskets, made of straw and covered with wool by Berber women from the Atlas. Typical of the region, they are available in different patterns and colors. We combine them to display them as sculptures or store jewelry and small objects.

Traditional woven cotton textiles

Yüyü Paris To blow a Mediterranean breeze in the bedroom, we fall for a typically Moroccan woven cotton bedspread, preferably made by hand. This cover comes straight from Marrakech and we are captivated by its powerful and summery blue.