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Grasses in the garden

Grasses in the garden

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You don't necessarily think of the big family of grasses when you want to decorate your garden. However, grasses are very elegant: their finesse and lightness give a permanent movement to your garden. They also decorate your beds with pretty light effects. The family is large: from fescue to bamboo, you will inevitably find the grasses that will beautify your garden, especially since most of them require little care.

Grasses garden pond pond phragmites

Alisma Always on moist soil, if you like plants that can go high enough, choose phragmites more commonly called reeds. They will remain very decorative even in winter and will make your beds beautifully undulate according to the wind with their "feather duster". Be careful with allergies!

Bamboo garden grasses

Cardinal jardin And yes, bamboo is also part of the big family of grasses! It will allow you for example to make beautiful zen hedges! To grow well, it will need water but will be able to develop very well on dry soil in summer. Be careful because it is a plant that very easily invades space. You will therefore have to partition your plantation with a tarpaulin if you do not want your garden to be fully colonized!

Grasses garden blue fescue

Fescues, you certainly have them that make up your lawn with other grasses and you walk on them without knowing it. Other fescues are more decorative like the blue fescue which develops in pretty tufts going from 30 to 50 cm and fits very well in the borders.

Grasses garden stipa tenuissima

The stipa also called "angel hair" develops in intense tufts of about 60 cm. Its stems carry ears of blond beards, very light silky which perpetually move in the wind and give a soft and airy effect. These are dry steppe plants which are not made to be pruned because they keep a beautiful ornamental potential even in winter.

Grasses garden briza maxima

Au Here is a particularly graceful grass with its ears in the shape of small hearts that hang and sway at the slightest breath of wind. It is the briza maxima species also called lovebird ... It is very ornamental in low beds (about 40 cm).

Grasses garden grass pampas

You will obviously find many other ornamental grasses whose shapes and colors will seduce you. But you will still have to be careful in the selection you make. Certain species of grasses, often exotic, are very invasive: they escape very easily from our gardens and colonize natural environments to the detriment of local species… So even if they are very ornamental, it is not necessarily recommended to put in the beds ... This is for example the case with Pampas grass!