New Jacob Delafon products for the bathroom

New Jacob Delafon products for the bathroom

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The Idéo Bain lounge allows you to discover the novelties of many brands in the bathroom universe. The opportunity to take stock of the new Jacob Delafon collection between design and innovation. Discover it all in pictures.

A Zen bathtub

Jacob Delafon For a very soothing natural atmosphere in the bathroom, Jacob Delafon integrates the bathtub in a wooden apron which then serves as a setting. It will also be ideal for a Scandinavian atmosphere.

A designer shower tray

Jacob Delafon To materialize the space of your shower without partitioning the spaces, this tray is ideal. Very discreet and design, it is placed under the shower column to evacuate the water with style.

A practical piece of furniture

Jacob Delafon Furniture is practical with small ideas that change everyday life. This washbasin cabinet includes for example a towel holder to always have your laundry on hand.

A small, practical bathroom

Jacob Delafon Small bathrooms too are entitled to their innovations. We find a small piece of furniture that does not take up space but that does not lack style and we love the smart mirror that gives the time so as never to be late in the morning.

The double washbasin cabinet reinvented

Jacob Delafon For couple mornings in the bathroom, Jacob Delafon reinvents the washbasin cabinet in a double version by placing the mixers obliquely to separate the space from each one.

A designer washbasin

Jacob Delafon Jacob Delafon does not set aside style, quite the contrary! The basin takes on original shapes with clean, flowing lines. A real decorative asset.

Original shapes

Jacob Delafon In terms of design, Jacob Delafon plays the innovation card, in particular with this original suspended basin which allows you to slip household linen just below. The "plus" decoration: the backlight which gives the impression that the basin is levitating.

A bathtub in the center of the room

Jacob Delafon So that the bathtub can be integrated aesthetically in any room, this bathtub is built into the floor and gives a very royal style to the bathtub.

Practical and decorative countertop washbasins

Jacob Delafon And for the basin to take on a new dimension, we opt for countertop washbasins with tall mixers designed to match the extraordinary size of the recipient.