Focus on household appliances for meals with friends

Focus on household appliances for meals with friends

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Aperitif in sight! No need to get busy in the kitchen, some household appliances do the work for us. On the menu: festive, friendly and quick preparations ...

Pizza maker

Delamaison Delicious and easy to make, pizzas are also unanimous. In short, all the reasons are good to adopt a device where to cook them before cutting them into small bites…


Magimix Like a craving for cocktail parties? Start by mixing your fruity ingredients in the juicer! The rest of the recipe will follow!

Hot dog machine

Simeo Hot in front! The hot dogs are embedded in our aperitif break to delight fans of homemade fast food. An "American touch" which will preside over a good part of the evening!

Beer tap

Delamaison A good beer to celebrate an evening with friends? Yes ! But if you have a dedicated device, it's even better…

Chocolate fondue

Purpose For dessert, there is nothing against a small chocolate fondue. On the table, the cocoa-flavored fruit should leave like hotcakes!

Wine cooler

Delamaison To keep the wine cool even when springtime will give us an aperitif outside, nothing like a wine cooler!

Deep fryer

Delamaison A plate of fries to replace a plate of chips is anything but light, but quite appetizing. Come on, the guests should quickly be tempted ...


Goal With the arrival of sunny days, the aperitifs multiply. We then plan a barbecue in the living room, and let's go for a summer meal before time!


But improvised sandwiches or canapes? We first pass them to the toaster for a maximum toasted finish!