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Arrive Hotel: a total immersion in the culture of Palm Spring

Arrive Hotel: a total immersion in the culture of Palm Spring

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Nestled at the foot of the Mont San Jacinto mountain range, the Arrive hotel invites you to immerse yourself in the local life of Palm Springs. This city surrounded by exceptional landscapes, located in California, becomes a play area for travelers eager for discoveries and splendid panoramas. The design, the food and the architecture honor the region and its character and invite to create links between tourists and locals. Visit in images of a hotel located at the gates of the desert.

Architecture that fits into the mountainous landscape

ARRIVE Hotel The architecture of the place was imagined by its co-founder, Chris Pardo, as a reflection of local landscapes. The sheet metal roofs called "butterflies" are part of an architectural aesthetic inherited from the middle of the last century and recall the mountain ridges that face the hotel. At the gates of the desert, the building plays with rust, concrete and wood colors while respecting the local style and the surrounding nature.

Rooms with a view

ARRIVE Hotel The thirty-two rooms of the hotel are spacious and comfortable. Their unique design was imagined with a modernist perspective and some pieces of furniture were created by local designers. We like the tall windows which open the view on the sublime landscape of desert mountains.

A sleek open bathroom

ARRIVE hotel The bathroom is open onto the bedroom, which gives the feeling of spaciousness. We like its sleek look made of beautiful natural materials, such as wood and marble. A large rain shower is adjacent to the sink and separated by a partition for more privacy

The atypical decoration of an atypical place

ARRIVE Hotel In the bedroom, we play tone-on-tone wallpaper and wood. The headboard is adorned with a soothing linen color when a camel leather Chesterfield brings an appreciable retro touch. The layout and decoration are a reflection of this atypical place, non-conformist and anchored in its territory, Palm Springs.

A decorative office space

ARRIVE Hotel In the spacious bedroom, an office corner mixing natural wood and wired metal takes place. We love the mix of eras and styles and the neutral color palette that respects the place. The beanbag in textured fabric brings a note of pleasant and contemporary softness. A beautiful association which reveals the spirit of the hotel, in a fair balance between nature and city culture.

A swimming pool with striking views

ARRIVE Hotel In the center of the building is a huge lighted swimming pool and a spacious jacuzzi from which the view of the mountain range of Mont San Jacinto is breathtaking. Once again, the living spaces have been designed to integrate into the territory while putting comfort at the center of concerns. Result? The desert turns into a playground for travelers.

Design and local furniture

ARRIVE Hotel Around the swimming pool, there is an outdoor lounge with a unique design. Local designer Calvin Dahlstrom (Dahlstrom Designs) designed these reclining seats. Their structure is made of barn wood, recovered in Seattle and their indoor / outdoor use make them part of a modular lifestyle.

A restaurant open to the city

ARRIVE Hotel The hotel offers additional services and has a restaurant, the Reservoir, nearby. Open to the city, the hotel shops (an ice cream parlor, a restaurant and a cafe) tend to establish a link between travelers and the local population so that immersion is complete. You will find a cuisine typical of southern California.

A decor that softens architecture

ARRIVE Hotel In terms of decoration, wooden and local furniture is preferred. We love these original chairs that elegantly combine wood with metal. Cement tiles scattered everywhere provide a nice decorative and festive note to this architectural ensemble with a rather brutalist style. More info on