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Shelves otherwise

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The shelves emancipate. They are freed from the traditional board to take the form of a ladder, a frame, a house or even a bag. Find several original ways to display your objects that are sure to spice up your wall decor.

Shelves composed with vintage lockers

Laurette These old wooden lockers repainted in blue decorate the wall of the children's room. Very deep, they offer a beautiful storage space which allows in addition to display above his favorite toys.

A ladder shelf

La Redoute Place your things on the bars of a ladder. A space-saving solution that allows you to store your objects over the entire height without taking up too much space on the ground.

House-shaped shelves

AM PM Small houses open as shelves that welcome all your favorite objects with open arms. Made of wood and painted white, they are as fun as they are decorative.

A shelf like a large open cupboard

AM PM As if we had removed the doors from a large closet, this shelf offers ample storage space. On several levels, it dresses the wall in a very graphic way and calls for storage!

A shelf headboard

Fly Why not use a headboard as a shelf. Perfect for storing your favorite books, a bedside lamp ... A practical and decorative "two in one"!

A green shelf

Art terre Bags to hang to put your plants in. It is the brilliant idea of ​​this shelf which makes it possible to compose a green wall.

Cloud shaped

My decor like the big Delicate and childish, this cloud-shaped shelf will have no trouble finding its place in a little girl's room as in a little boy's room.

The Eiffel Tower becomes a shelf

Maisons du Monde Do your teenagers dream of a room with an urban spirit? Hurry up and get this shelf in the shape of an Eiffel Tower in order to offer their living space a unique decor.

Suitcases cut in shelves

Ki Nassauer Here is an idea that we dream of reproducing here. In this living room, different suitcases with a vintage look have been cut out to create a very original wall of shelves.

A molding that has become a shelf

AM PM Transforming an old molding into a decorative shelf: it's easy! You just have to paint it in the color of your choice and fix it on the wall. You just have to put all your favorite decorative objects there.

Invisible shelves for books

Umbra Favorite for these invisible shelves that give books the feeling of being suspended in the air. A real magic trick to set the tone for the decor!

A metal arrow as a shelf

Maisons du Monde To give your decor an industrial feel, opt for this arrow-shaped metal shelf that seems straight out of a factory. Books, keys, decorative objects, we place everything we love.

Baskets as a shelf

Maisons du Monde In some rooms, the shelf becomes a real ally for storage. In this office, she installs herself on the wall in a succession of baskets in which one slides all the notebooks and school books.

A shelf in a mirror frame

Maisons du Monde Have you broken the beautiful mirror that sat enthroned in the living room? Too bad because the wooden frame is really beautiful. So that it finds its place on the wall, it is transformed into a decorative and original shelf. A little elbow grease and voila!

A shelf in a bird cage

Maisons du Monde To give the final touch to the poetic decoration of your little girl's room, adopt this shelf in the shape of a bird cage. We love its powder pink color which blends gracefully in this sweet and romantic universe.


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