Wallpaper: trends 2016-2017

Wallpaper: trends 2016-2017

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This year, the wallpapers showed us all the colors! Pastel shades in the most vivid colors, their richness and creativity are fully exposed on the walls! Far from being wise and classic, the wallpaper presents itself as a singular decorative element, as close as possible to decorative trends. What are those for 2016-2017? Response in live images from the A3P style office.

Chinese girl

Josiane Asmane We are continuing the journey, this time in Asia with the "Chinese girl" trend. The wallpapers play the kitsch card with chinoiseries in saturated colors. More than a simple ornament, the wallpaper becomes a clothing in its own right that dares all the eccentricities.

Green city

Josiane Asmane Reflection of our lifestyles, wallpaper is also responsible. Architecture and town planning inspire brands to create and imagine the patterns of a new city.

Birds of paradise

Josiane Asmane Another must-see of the year, the birds delicately adorn the new wallpapers. Nature expresses and inspires pretty summer afternoons. Favorite for Mues Design, a young brand of wallpaper that reinvents the trend with modern and poetic patterns.

Garden party

Josiane Asmane We stay in the bucolic world with the Garden party trend, or how to set up an English garden at home. Pastel and feminine, these liberty patterns will inspire the prettiest rooms with romantic decor. A nod to Quartz pink and Serenity blue, colors of the year 2016.

Tropical ambiance

Josiane Asmane When we tell you that the trend is in the tropics! The proof with these wallpapers which have been all the rage this year. No more classic and discreet walls, flora and fauna are fully invited on a section of wall.

The forest's call

Josiane Asmane The call of the forest has rang! Inspired by Nordic tales, this trend gives pride of place to wood and refined universes. Ideal for creating a "cabin at the bottom of the garden" effect.

The thousand and One Nights

Josiane Asmane Very used this year, frescoes with oriental motifs as well as arabesques are part of the Thousand and One Nights trend.

Glam seventies

Josiane Asmane Vintage lovers will be delighted to know that the 70's trend has not aged. The proof with these retro-glam wallpapers with golden and psychedelic effects. Glitter and rock'n roll atmosphere, where patterns and materials are strongly inspired by fashion. Why the tie? The British side of course! That's 70's show!

DIY workshops

Josiane Asmane Because it is more malleable than ever, A3P organizes DIY workshops to transform wallpaper into decorative roses. Creative and more modern than ever, it sticks in the blink of an eye on a section of wall. On-site demonstration with the Scenolia brand, capable of sticking non-woven wallpaper with water.