Architect's advice: set up a functional office area to work at home

Architect's advice: set up a functional office area to work at home

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When you exercise your professional activity at home, it is essential to clearly distinguish and delimit the professional universe of the family and private sphere. This is easy when you can dedicate an entire room to its activity, but if it is not the case, it will then be tricky to optimize the surface of its habitat and create a studious, bright and functional space allowing to concentrate and isolate oneself in order to work in good conditions.

Create a functional office area in the living room

Angélique BLANC When you don't have a garage, attic or basement in which the office could be installed, you have to make up your mind to cut a few square meters from an existing room. But the game is worth the effort if it provides a nice, comfortable space to work. Here, the 4.83 mx 6.93 m living room has been reduced to create a real office of 14.96 m2, ideal for example for a designer working from home. The desk plan is chosen large enough to meet the space requirements of manual work and it is installed near the windows for maximum natural light. The separation of office and living room volumes is created by an openwork bookcase that will act as a visual wall, and by a choice of different floor coverings for each space. Finally, a small bench is placed against the desk. It will allow you to change position, to settle down comfortably, as in a small cocoon, to leaf through books, magazines ... in order to find inspiration quietly!

Create a functional office area in the entrance

Angélique BLANC If your activities lead you to receive clients at your home, it is imperative to create a well-insulated, welcoming and professional office space. The entrance to the apartment is then the most suitable room. Either the entrance is existing as here in this space of 5 m x 2.50 m, or it will be enough to raise two partitions depending on the desired surface. The space is optimized by the installation of shelves (space saving, aerial and inexpensive) along the wall behind the front door as well as above the latter. The office furniture is chosen with double tray. The top tray can be folded down on the first. Thus, when the time for an appointment approaches, the elements of the work in progress may remain in place on the second shelf, without being visible. Ingenious, it will avoid tidying up in the rush. And in order to make the place even more welcoming, we install two comfortable armchairs, identical for ourselves and the clientele.

Arrange a functional office area in a corner

Angélique BLANC The old apartments of big cities are very often provided with a blind space (storage room, cellar, alcove, recess ...). It is here in an alcove of 2.90 mx 1.90 m overlooking the living room that the office was installed. To work at home, it is not essential to benefit from a huge surface, this space must above all be well adapted and organized. For this, we choose a corner desk, allowing enough space to write and install a computer and printer. The storage space fully occupies the back wall section. The work chair is ergonomic, tiltable and fitted with a footrest so that you don't forget to stand up straight and avoid chronic back pain! Last but not least, the alcove was closed by a glass partition and door, which will provide light to the office while isolating it from the living room.


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