New trends for bathroom furniture

New trends for bathroom furniture

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In the bathroom, the vanity unit takes liberties and is inspired by the furniture in the other rooms. No question of opting for a contemporary wall-hung washbasin cabinet, we prefer furniture that seems diverted and from another time. Discover this trend in pictures.

A metal shelf

Paragraph Unlike wooden shelves, you will also find metal models that look like they were taken from the shelves of a store. You will place this type of model under your traditional sink to give it storage space and you will give an urban look to your bathroom.

An industrial shelf

Alinéa You can also offer yourself a shelf with an industrial look which features wooden trays on a metal base. If the furniture could be used in a workshop, it also accommodates countertop sinks to change the traditional look of the bathroom.

A cross shelf

La Redoute To make your vanity unit match your storage units as well as possible, you can opt for a shelf dedicated to the sink. It slides under and allows you to benefit from additional storage spaces.

A style dresser

Maisons du monde To make the bathroom an elegant boudoir, you can choose a revisited piece of furniture: a stylish dresser then becomes a piece of furniture with an integrated basin. The basin is then very discreet for the benefit of the furniture which gives the character of the room.

Workshop furniture

Maisons du monde If you want to create a flea market spirit in your bathroom, you will prefer a revisited piece of furniture which then discreetly accommodates two basins. We love the shell handles and the raw look of the furniture wood.

A styling furniture

Maisons du monde This piece of furniture could be a dressing table with its tray surmounted by a mirror and its old style but it is indeed a piece of furniture for the bathroom because it has a built-in basin which will be the most beautiful effect in your bathroom.

A buffet for the basins

Maisons du monde In this charming bathroom, the piece of furniture that accommodates the basins takes on the appearance of antique buffets with a beautiful tray supported by a wooden structure with worked feet. The bathroom is then discreet and refined.

Design furniture

Villeroy et Boch Here, the vanity unit could just as easily find its place in the living room or the dining room thanks to a sideboard with very design and functional lines which accommodates the countertop basin.

A barrel as a sink

Maisons du monde And to be truly original, you can opt for a one-piece piece of furniture that looks like a factory barrel revisited in the sink. Very masculine and industrial, it will not fail to create a surprise in the bathroom.