The Scandinavian sideboard, the essential piece of furniture for this season

The Scandinavian sideboard, the essential piece of furniture for this season

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The Scandinavian sideboard takes up residence in the decor and becomes the essential piece of furniture for all decorists. White, in solid wood or in a more contemporary version, it hovers a fifties air that tones the decor in turmoil. Its two particularities: low and quite long, it offers a beautiful storage space and with sober and refined lines, it will always find a place of choice in your interior.

A Scandinavian taupe row

AM PM Here is a row entirely painted in taupe for a revisited version of this piece of furniture from the 50s and 60s. It finds its place in all contemporary interiors that are just looking to create a trendy 50's touch.

A suspended Scandinavian row

AM PM Suspended so as not to clutter the floor space, this piece of furniture takes up the sober and refined lines of the Scandinavian row while offering the advantage of not visually overloading the room.

A Scandinavian row as a TV stand

PIB Book, vases, lamps and why not TV? One condition: that its height allows it. Here, he presents the dimensions of a TV cabinet while taking up the lines of Scandinavian furniture.

The Scandinavian sideboard is colored black

Rededition Traditionally made of wood, here the Scandinavian sideboard is colored black to offer a more contemporary makeover, which suits it perfectly.

But also in red

Rededition Here it is the turn of red to shine on this emblematic piece of furniture from the 1950s. Coming from the far north, it will vibrate your decor in a more design version.

The Scandinavian sideboard for small spaces

Ikea Ideal for small spaces, this low and steel sideboard allows you to create a row spirit without cluttering the space.

A scandinavian row at a reduced price

Ikea To instill the spirit without spending too much, place two blond wooden benches, one next to the other, and have books, decorative accessories and a lamp on top! You get a 100% economical row.

A scandinavian row in winter colors

Alinea Entirely white but enhanced with wooden compass feet, this Scandinavian row can be integrated into all decorative styles.

A row revisited up to date Buffet

La Redoute This three-door buffet, all dressed in black and raised by steel-colored feet, revisits the Scandinavian sideboard to invite itself into contemporary interiors.


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