What decoration on the wall in my children's room?

What decoration on the wall in my children's room?

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Decorating your child's bedroom is a moment of happiness. We love to create their magical worlds and put bright colors in them. This is why we have made a selection of 10 decorative elements to adorn the walls of your toddler's room. Girl, boy, baby, you will find a lot of ideas to brighten up the space of the little ones.


Domestic Here you will find a very colorful wallpaper with the look of a fresco. We love modern designs and touches of bright colors. This set will delight a wall section of your toddler's room.


Maisons du Monde An adventurer's decor, animals, natural colors, here is a very successful little boy's bedroom. On the walls, cards have been placed. A wonderful idea to educate children while having fun.


VertBaudet Here is a very light and airy decoration composed of balloons and stars. This decor is great on the dark colored walls. It adapts to both girls and boys and finds its place in a mixed bedroom.


VertBaudet Here you discover a very girly decor tinged with red and pink. We love the omnipresence of nature with the presence of feathers and butterflies but also the little hearts that remind us that we are in the room of a little girl.


Maisons du Monde Nature imposes itself in this room thanks to the presence of wood and the green color. We love the tree that gives height and the little bird houses in which children can hide small objects.

A garden in the house

Maisons du Monde Here you will find pretty, very colorful birdhouses ideally placed on tree decorations. We love the combination of colors and the matching furniture.

Small house

Glamora Hijacking small bird houses is the big trend for 2014. Here you find a wallpaper with a multitude of small birdhouses, all on a pink background. A decor that will delight little girls!


VertBaudet Simplicity is the key to this decor. We find the child's first name and pretty discreet and colorful stickers. A charming asset in a room.

Transport network

Maisons du Monde Little boys will love this decor made up of planes and ancient formulas 1. The bright colors brighten up the room and the terrestrial globes accentuate the escape side of this decor.