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A canopy in my hall

A canopy in my hall

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Do you want to create a visual separation and isolate the entrance to your house from the rest of your stay? Your entrance is dark and cramped and you dream of transforming it into a practical and bright space? The canopy may well help you. We give you some tips and tricks in pictures!

A closed vestibule

Alicia García A vestibule is good… but how can you prevent it from overflowing a little over the living room? The solution: a large, simple and minimalist canopy that allows the entrance and living room to communicate without encroaching on each other! Source: Dec a porter

A reduced partition

Castorama Conversely, it is possible to materialize the entrance to your home by opting for a small removable, pivoting or sliding glass partition. Easy to install, it is the ideal solution to arrange this space without undertaking major work. Source: Castorama


Lanöé Marion Here is a nice, intimate, colorful and bright airlock. Its secret: the installation of a workshop canopy, suspended lights and the choice of a color code which allows to maintain a visual coherence between the different spaces and to differentiate them. Source: Lanöé Marion

An opaque canopy

Marvin Windows & Doors To maintain the privacy of each room and take advantage of the brightness of the adjoining room in its entrance, the installation of an opaque canopy can be considered. See rather! Source: Anne Sage

Nice opening

Hervé Goluza Like a small glass greenhouse, this pretty canopy allows this beautiful volume to be partitioned while taking advantage of the overhead light and the view of the outdoor patio. Source: Rose Cadillac

Haussmannian charm

Royal roulotte If it is chosen in a raw finish or dressed in black paint, the canopy brings a modern side industrial loft spirit of the most interesting. At the entrance, it becomes more classic in white and enhances the charm of a Haussmannian apartment. Source: Royal roulotte

Interaction between spaces

The curious To maintain communication between the entrance and the adjoining room, favor a hinged or sliding door as well as opening frames taking up the design of the workshop canopies. Source: The curious

Promote the light atmosphere

Camille Hermand Architectures To give a large entrance hall a workshop feel, to accentuate the feeling of open space and the luminosity in this space, it is possible to install glass partitions with a steel structure. Source: Camille Hermand Architectures

Industrial spirit

Marianne Evennou Finally, if you do not have the possibility of creating an entrance worthy of the name, you can completely use the canopies to give an industrial side to your stay. As a design entry door or windows, they have everything! Source: Marianne Evennou


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