Small decorative lesson to stage the buffet

Small decorative lesson to stage the buffet

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Your buffet looks gray. You have not worried about its decor for a long time. Here it is covered with multiple magazines, invoices and other objects that pile up. Give it back its splendor by offering it a setting worthy of the finest magazines.

An arty buffet

AM PM You feel like an artist. Showcase your talent on your buffet, a great way to showcase it and probe your friends' opinions.

A tableware service

Paragraph Instead of cluttering up your work plan, use your buffet to arrange your dishes. This will save you from having to go back and forth between the kitchen and your reception area.

A small aromatic garden

AM PM Two in one! One for storing and two for growing aromatic herbs. Basilica, cherry tomatoes or mint will flavor your dishes and are guaranteed pesticide-free!

The decoration on the buffet

AM PM Highlight fluorescent You have realized that you have put your decoration aside. So wake it up by highlighting your buffet with a touch of neon here and there. 100% good-looking effect!

A Japanese decor

La Redoute Japan inspires you. So to always have it close at hand here it goes on your buffet. Cherry branch and doll in kimono display the spirit.

Light up your buffet

AM PM Why not compose your decoration by having pretty lamps in the same style. Different sizes and different shapes, they will diffuse a luminous halo of the greatest effect!

The decoration on the buffet

Ikea A sideboard Pallier with a lack of space by using your sideboard and by composing all around a storage wall with shelves.

Scandinavian accent

AM PM Give your buffet a makeover by painting it in a taupe color and decorate it with Scandinavian design objects.