Decorative Coaching: Sabine's two-piece

Decorative Coaching: Sabine's two-piece

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The arrival and departure of a child are very often synonymous with upheavals in terms of interior design. On this occasion, parents transform the office into a baby's room, or, on the contrary, recover additional space to fit out a guest bedroom, a dressing room or a room dedicated to leisure. Her daughter having left the Parisian suburbs to start her studies in the provinces, Sabine takes advantage of this change to reclaim her apartment by modifying its configuration, the coverings but above all the style! She therefore called on the interior decoration coaching agency Mon Interieur Sur Mesure, in order to transform her two-room apartment, put everything back flat and revive its decoration.

Inventory: an unnecessary sleeping area in the living room

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In the living room, the sleeping area occupied by Sabine has become useless.

Inventory: an unnecessary sleeping area in the living room

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The sleeping area will be eliminated and will give way to a sofa and a beautiful dining room.

A new clear and practical kitchen

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Sabine, the owner, wants a new kitchen, clear and functional.

A warmer living room

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure After several weeks of work, the apartment has a new look! Sabine can now enjoy a warm living room with a new open kitchen (Ikea), a TV corner, a library and storage space. The brown / cinnamon tones are cleverly awakened by an armchair and peacock blue accessories.

A real functional entrance

My Custom Interior Agency The apartment now has a real entrance in which Sabine can store her belongings and put her keys.

Omnipresent warm tones

Agence Mon Interior Sur Mesure Brown and cinnamon tones are omnipresent in the new decoration.

In the master bedroom, gray, white and eggplant

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The room occupied by Sabine's daughter will be transformed into a beautiful master bedroom in gray, white and eggplant tones. The space has been refurbished with existing furniture (a mezzanine office has however been removed). A headboard and two small bedside tables have been added.

A transformed bathroom

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The changes were very significant in the bathroom and toilets with the modification of the tiling, the flooring and the integration of new sanitary elements.

Designer toilets

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure With a unified floor and well-thought-out decoration, the apartment now has a perfectly coherent and up-to-date style!