Easter: 10 ideas for decorating eggs spotted on Pinterest

Easter: 10 ideas for decorating eggs spotted on Pinterest

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Tick, tick, tick, tick… the countdown has started! In a few weeks, bells, rabbits and other ** Easter eggs ** will take over our garden. If for a majority of people Easter is the perfect pretext to eat chocolate eggs without feeling guilty, for others this annual event is an opportunity to make pretty ** decorated eggs ** or others ** Easter crafts **. Here is a selection of ** special Easter DIY objects ** to adopt to accessorize your holiday table in an original and elegant way.

When the eggs become cacti!

Craftberry bush Because a touch of greenery in its interior cannot be denied, we suggest that you make these charming fake cacti. Want to take the plunge? Bring a flowerpot, eggshells and green paint, then head to the Craftberry bush blog which will explain how to do this in detail. More info on this DIY: Craftberry bush

An egg-shaped terrarium

The house that lars built An egg-shaped terrarium: this is an idea that does not lack charm or originality! Succulents, moss, a few small flowers, a little earth slipped inside a plastic shell and voila. All that remains is to place them randomly on your holiday table or place them in a cardboard box provided for this purpose. More info on this DIY: The house that lars built

When the Easter egg becomes the Easter pineapple

Studio DIY The pineapple plays the extensions in the decoration. Evidenced by these miniature models made with hollowed out eggs, lemon yellow paint and green Bristol paper. Perfectly decorated these eggs will bring ** a vitamin touch to our Easter table **. More info on this DIY: Studio DIY

A designer totem, thanks to decorated eggs

Mr Printables Eggs on top of each other? No pretty fun, colorful and graphic totems to make as a family. ** Hollowed-out eggs **, a wooden skewer, a piece of plasticine, a little paint and a lot of imagination, these are mainly the necessary materials if you decide to take the plunge. Your kids will love it! More info on this DIY: Mr Printables

Black and white easter eggs

Obviously sweet Nothing like these pretty eggs painted in black and white to give a boost to our decoration. The decor idea: mix the patterns for a graphic effect! More info on this DIY: Obviously sweet

Paper mache eggs

Fireflies and mudpies How to transform ordinary eggshells into inspiring and inspired decorative accessories for the home? The solution: cover them with silk squares of different colors. Mini budget, maximum effect for Easter! More info on this DIY: Fireflies and mudpies

Very creative eggs

Miss Renaissance Provided with metal paper, masking tape and a spray of glue, you will quickly come to the end of these pretty creations with colors and fiercely trendy design. More info on this DIY: Miss Renaissance

Slate version for Easter eggs

Oleander and palm We particularly like these eggs to customize, covered with a slate paint. A good way to channel the little ones during the holiday meal and give free rein to their imagination. More info on this DIY: Oleander and palm

Variation of colors for these tie and die eggs

Ashbee design The simplest ideas are often the best, proof in pictures with these overly crisp hanging eggs that have been covered with spray paint in different colors. More info on this DIY: Ashbee design