Living Earth Garden Tour

Living Earth Garden Tour

Today, Living Earth is not only an exemplary garden in terms of ecological practices, but also a publishing house and a place of training in the fields of food and health, well-being and ecological house. How did it all start? The first seed of the Living Earth adventure germinated over 30 years ago in Paris, in the minds of 7 ecology enthusiasts. On the program for the first 15 years: the publication of books and a magazine - The four seasons of gardening -, which has become a reference. But one day, this is no longer enough, it becomes necessary to show, life-size, that ecology is possible. The team then took the key to the fields to settle in Mens, on an area of ​​50 hectares at the foot of the Vercors. These are the beginnings of the garden, a garden that will continue to evolve and transform, over the course of questions and the seasons. True center of experimentation of ecological practices, the garden is also a place of discovery, inspiration, learning and wonder for all the visitors - simple curious or committed ecologists -, who cross its doors.

Living Earth: gardens as educational places

A. Bosse-Platière ## Gardens to raise awareness of ecology In addition to pleasing the eyes, the gardens are thought to be real educational places in terms of good gardening practices and the preservation of biodiversity.

Living Earth: a training center

O. Mahdi ## Achievements within the framework of the living arrangements internship Living Earth is now also a training center which initiates many practices around gardening, food, well-being… Within the framework of the internship " living arrangements ", you learn to handle the wicker and then be able to give free rein to your imagination!

Living Earth: gardening at breast height

O. Mahdi ## View of the handi-garden For easier maintenance, for the visual pleasure of the garden or because you cannot or no longer bend down, the reasons to install structures allowing gardening at height man do not miss!

Living Earth: unspoiled nature

O. Mahdi ## Dew in the meadows one June morning The garden dedicated to experimentation and hospitality occupies only a small part of the 50 hectares of the estate. In the surrounding plots, nature has retained its rights and gives free rein to its natural poetry.

The rock garden of Terre Vivante

O. Mahdi ## The rock garden The natural slope of the garden and the Alpine climate lend themselves naturally to the creation of a rock garden.

A deer in the gardens of Living Earth

C. Corbet ## Deer in the gardens When you settle in the heart of unspoiled nature, here is the kind of encounter that can occur! Certainly this deer does not have the same sense of gardening as the rest of us, it is nevertheless a sure tribute from nature to the achievements born of human hands!

The Living Earth Basin

A. Bosse-Platière ## Pool of the garden of the five elements Located at the foot of the reception buildings of the center, this pool offers, after the visit, a real interlude of freshness and rejuvenation.

Walk in the gardens of the Living Earth

A. Bosse-Platière ## Summer stroll The free visit is an opportunity for everyone to walk at their own pace and taste all the pleasures of the place, including that of doing nothing.

Living Earth: the great oak

O. Mahdi ## View of the big oak and Mont Aiguille Visiting the living Earth center is also offering yourself a getaway in exceptional nature, just 2 hours from Lyon and 1 hour from Grenoble.