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Space saving objective for my small apartment

Space saving objective for my small apartment

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Resolution of the year for small spaces: bet on big ideas! The opportunity to redo a point on the cream of ingenuity in terms of furniture and furnishings so as not to feel cramped in the rooms of a small apartment.

Stackable coffee tables

Fly ### Another possibility when you are looking for a space-saving coffee table: choose two small and stackable one on top of the other when they are not in use!

Featured camouflage

Ikéa ### To optimize the living room space without making it seem crowded, the ideal is to take the card out of discretion! This office, for example, has merged into the surface of the dressers and cupboards in the living room, so much so that it is forgotten!

Murphy bed

Goal ### To split the function of the living room in an extra bedroom, Murphy beds remain the least bulky alternative (compared to the mezzanine) and the most discreet (compared to the sofa bed). Neither seen nor known !

Wall storage

Aurélien Faidy ### Walls are excellent allies for small spaces. And for good reason, by installing a multitude of storage spaces, we free up the ground! The observation is simple, but the advantage considerable. Result, we try to use it!

Sliding table, small or large!

Fly ### By offering a sliding table, the dining area saves the living room, a few square meters. These will be consumed exclusively during large dinners with family or friends!

Several spaces in one

Ikéa ### Creating several spaces in a small living room is not impossible! Using a library or a shelf, delimiting a reading, TV or music corner is even easy.

Dressing room in the living room

Ikéa ### Take advantage of the living room to store personal belongings: this is what is in the spotlight in a small apartment. Demonstration in pictures with this dressing room, set up, very discreetly, close to the sofa.

Bars for hanging utensils

Ikea Don't have enough worktops to store your utensils in your kitchen? We advise you to fix bars to the wall on which pots, pans and accessories find a special place.

A cart on wheels

Ikea In a small bathroom, think practical by adopting modular and easily movable furniture. This metal trolley on wheels can be transported according to your desires and needs.

Shelves to hang everything

Ikea You don't have the space to create an office space in your living room? Don't panic, we have a solution! Multiply the small shelves on the wall on which storage boxes and files will pile up without encroaching on your m2.

A tablet as a table

Leroy Merlin It is not always easy to slide a table to take your meals in a small kitchen. Here is a tip to remedy it: install a tablet along the window that can also be used as an office if necessary.

A table integrated into the buffet

Leroy Merlin What ingenuity this sideboard, one of the drawers of which contains a practical table to save space. Once the meal is over, you just have to fold it up!

A 3in1 cabinet for the toilet

Leroy Merlin The toilets in a small apartment are often narrow, so you have to be tricky to optimize them as much as possible. The essential accessory: this 3in1 piece of furniture that serves as a magazine rack, tablet and toilet paper dispenser. Convenient !

Chairs fixed to the wall

Ikea To save a little space in the dining room, opt for furniture that moves like this trolley on wheels or that folds up like these orange chairs that you can hang on the wall once you have none Not needed anymore.