Colorful paints to energize the walls

Colorful paints to energize the walls

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When summer comes, we dare everything, and above all, color on the walls! Between freshness and tone, the acidulous tones have what to wake up the decor and highlight furniture and accessories. For those who are afraid of suffocating the interior, do not panic! Limit yourself to painting one or two walls per room. A little color is enough to give the summer tone…

Orange walls between heat and energy

Graham & Brown ** It is no coincidence that the orange color took its name from a fruit rich in vitamins. In the decor, we love this warm shade that embodies the joy of living. Example in pictures: the papaya color of the walls brings a tropical touch that brightens up the interior. Make way for conviviality and good humor! **

Yellow to light up the space

Graham & Brown ** If white is known for its light effect, the color of the sun is also an ideal color to light up the interior. On the program: a warm atmosphere full of energy. Here, the blonde shade chosen wheat style brightens the living room without saturating it with its intensity. **

Raspberry pink walls for a fruity and glamorous spirit

Graham & Brown ** Notice to little girls, young ladies and women. There is no age to bet on pink, even less when it comes to raspberry pink. In the middle of summer, it's easy to fall for this fruity color that matches the summer wardrobe. **

A Pacific blue touch in the room

Graham & Brown ** Not everyone has the luxury of falling asleep by the sea with the sound of the waves. To feel the serene and restful spirit of the ocean at bedtime, you can always paint one or two sections of wall in indigo blue. Or how to escape far to have sweet dreams… **


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