Dining rooms on their 31

Dining rooms on their 31

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Two days before New Year's Eve, are you out of inspiration for the decor of your dining room? Do not panic ! Here are some ideas to give you a little boost!

Snow White

Alexandre Turpault Failure not to have had a snowy Christmas, it will be the New Year! Immaculate whiteness, glitter and frost as a golden rule ...


Brigitte Saby Crazy fabrics and a purple / mauve color code: ladies and ladies, this Christmas Eve is yours!


Fly All the characteristic elements of winter are present in this divine dining room: bushy stools, white fir, giant snow-white Christmas balls… In short, we love it!

Spirit remains

Brigitte Saby Silky tablecloth, Louis XIV style chairs, and the dining room takes us to spend Christmas Eve at the castle.


Linvosges Michelangelo's angels flourish on the tablecloth of this dining table. A few candles nestled in copper candle jars, scattered here and there, and voila.


3 Suisses Sometimes you just need a few light garlands to sparkle the decor and give way to a party!


Maisons du Monde Precious, feminine and refined, this New Year's table propels the dining room in a chic and poetic dimension.

Nature chic

Zara Home For the holidays and all the events that punctuate the year, you can opt for a neat table decoration that combines chic tableware and style furniture sometimes nature sometimes contemporary. We love the Christmas balls that announce the theme. They replace themselves with decorative eggs or chicks at Easter!

Gray and gold

H&M Home A shades of gray dotted with golden stars, here is a table decor that has it all. We like the sobriety with Scandinavian accents of this dining room but also the table decor that goes with this interior and the magic of Christmas.

Like a tale

H&M Home New Years Eve is a special moment full of traditions found in the magic of storytelling. This dining room seems straight out of a magical book. The decor is authentic, chic and warm.

Winter on the table

Steph's tables On this table, we find winter nature. White reminds of snow, wood is represented and red marks the end of year celebrations. Many decorative tips are to remember and reproduce, like the ribbon on the glasses, to have the most beautiful festive table.

Sobriety and Scandinavia

Mondial Tissue In this Nordic dining room, we love the natural wood furniture, the presence of noble materials and the incredible choice of light and neutral colors that decorate the room. No false note is to be noted and brightness is at the rendezvous. A nice creation to copy for New Years Eve!

Blue and bubbles

Delamaison Love at first sight with this table decoration proposed by Delamaison. The power of the blue of the dishes transforms the champagne to give it a resolutely festive gold color. To adopt !

Light and transparency

Maisons du Monde On this table, the game of transparency is accentuated by the presence of candles and small green plants. We love the place mats and the honeycomb candle holders that remind us of champagne bubbles.

Christmas in the mountains

Maisons du Monde In winter and all year round, the chalet decor is a decor that appeals! What could be more natural than adopting it for the holidays?

A chic table

Zara Home In this dining room, copper is in the spotlight. And so much the better, since it is the big trend for 2014!

White white

Zara Home Here you discover a very beautiful festive table. White and nature are in the spotlight and the candlesticks bring a side as chic as baroque. We adopt!


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