10 love potion recipes for Valentine's Day

10 love potion recipes for Valentine's Day

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For Valentine's Day, nothing like meeting around a good romantic meal. Ginger, saffron, avocado, cinnamon, chocolate, raspberry ... We have put together a menu worthy of a love potion. Your half will be charmed for sure! So forget about the gourmet restaurant: here are some simple ideas for recipes to make quietly at home to impress and captivate.

Fresh salads

As a starter, the salad is essential: here are two easy examples. To the left, a salad (// pupils) & utm_content = Netvibes) fresh, light and full of vitamins made from avocado, grapefruit for the touch of pep's, and shrimp. On the right, there is the option of green beans, feta, mint and nuts to whet your appetite.

Cream soups

Leek version with ginger, mushrooms or pumpkin: prefer cream soups to warm up while keeping room for the rest of the meal. Source: Fork and bikini Le Miam miam blog Marmiton

An entry to share

Start the meal in style with a pizza or sandwiches: a starter to share to get closer. Source: Bonjour darling The culinary refinery

A meat dish

Chicken with saffron and candied lemon or caramelized duck breast with ginger… Monsieur is carnivorous? Nothing better than meat to fill it. Source: Seasonal cuisine Chef nini

Colorful risottos

Mushrooms, asparagus, chorizo ​​... As beautiful as they are good, risotto level there is something for everyone! Source: Emilie and Lea secrets Rock the pretzel Zero crumb


Bring an iodized touch to your romantic meal. The scallops go perfectly with citrus fruits: their acidity slightly raises the sweetness of the seafood. A little extra: add a pinch of saffron for color and especially for the stimulating properties. Source: Current cuisine Chef nini

Raspberry in the spotlight

Raspberry is the ultimate aphrodisiac fruit. It will be perfect for dessert on this occasion! On the left, the pannacotta combines a subtle blend of raspberries, white chocolate and rose. A delicious dessert to capsize hearts. Source: Gourmet travel Getty

Take the big game out with chocolate

Chocolate is also recognized for its aphrodisiac properties. It creates a sensual atmosphere for the end of the meal. Source: Dolly jessy Zero crumb

Surprise cakes

These cakes contain a surprise: attention will have its small effect. Even more if you add a hint of cinnamon to boost your sweetheart. Source: Lilie Bakery Glamor


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