One bed, several functions

One bed, several functions

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The bed is probably one of the most complex pieces of furniture in the house. We sleep there, we watch TV, we read books, we work there. A versatility which makes us want to stroll there all day long! Especially in this cold time of the year ...

A bed for working

Ikea Lazy or not, there are many who, out of pure need for comfort, work in their beds. Laptop, important files, notepad and books in hand! And one point less for the office.

A bed / dressing room

Ikea Behind the bed, curtains hiding a large dressing area. It could also have been a piece of furniture filled with clothes framing the bed, but anyway, we like this alternative which allows us immediate access to our wardrobe early in the morning.

A bed to sleep

Ikea Let's start from the beginning. Nothing surprising about a bed for our nights of sleep. Its ability to multiply caps, however, is.

A bed to store

Ikea Lockers under the box spring or shelves on the headboard. In both cases, organizing your personal belongings by taking advantage of the sleeping corner is ingenious ... and very practical ...

A bed to de-stress

Ikea Because the bedroom is, par excellence, THE room devoted to relaxation, it welcomes us for relaxation sessions. Nap or simple relaxation, it is on the bed, anti-stress furniture, that we take this hyper-rejuvenating break.

A bed for breakfast

La Redoute The sleepy mornings of Sunday morning were right for us. It is therefore without leaving the duvet that we savor croissants and coffee. In addition, breakfast in bed is trendy!

A bed to watch TV

Goal Better than the sofa for watching TV? The bed ! Because we can lie down completely, even juggling the home cinema session and nap…

A bed to display

Purpose With its shelves integrated on one of the sides, this bed can accommodate decorative objects as well as become the storage unit for all the business of the office installed nearby.

A bed to organize

Pink or Blue With its 4 integrated drawers, storage becomes child's play in the bedroom! The most: its frame imagined like a bench, which makes it ideal in an office that turns into a guest bedroom.

A bed to light

Purpose To create a small corner of privacy in the bedroom, we advise you to adopt a headboard in which a frieze of small bulbs has been installed.

A multifunction bed

Chloe Design A desk and its storage, a wardrobe and drawers for clothes, stairs to practical lockers and finally a high mattress to create the "dodo" space, here is a multifunction bed that meets the requirements of small spaces!

A 2in1 bed

Purpose What a great idea to extend the headboard into a practical desk for our teens. Saving space and functionality, two ingredients that we particularly appreciate!

A library bed and dressing room

La Redoute Interiors Are you a great reader and don't know where to store all your books? Have you thought about using the alcoves of your box spring to slide them all in the library style? Another clever tip: put away the bed or bath linen according to your needs!

A bed / safe

Delamaison There is always a lack of space to store blankets that are no longer in season or bed linen. To remedy this problem, adopt a safe bed in which you can put everything.

A bed / closet

La Redoute Drawers and alcoves along the entire length of the bed, this is a clever idea that does not leave us indifferent! In a teenager's room, they will be able to accommodate all their books and notebooks once the homework is finished.

A bed for two

Mr Bricolage In the children's room we also use multifunction beds. With shelves and drawers under the bed at the bottom, these are nice cupboards to keep everything organized!

A bed / bedside lamps

Moss Furniture Practice this headboard in which two neon lights have been integrated! When there is no room to install two bedside tables in the bedroom, it still allows you to take advantage of subdued light for reading, for example.