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3 decorative ideas for furnishing your kitchen with Schmidt

3 decorative ideas for furnishing your kitchen with Schmidt

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Wood cladding or all in transparency and brightness, clever storage walls and retractable worktop… in 2015, the kitchen designer Schmidt competed in ingenuity to imagine integrated and equipped kitchens as practical as they are trendy. The proof in pictures !

Idea N ° 1 - Portland cuisine: the combination of white and wood

Schmidt With their Indian Oak Effect-colored fronts, the low, all-wood furniture brings this decor a pleasant warmth to the room. The white tone of the worktop and the absence of handles confirms the refined and Nordic style of this charming kitchen.

Idea N ° 1 - Portland cuisine: very practical spaces

Schmidt And if during the preparation of the meals the lack of space is felt, an extensible surface, hidden in the thickness of the worktop comes to your rescue. Not to mention the large storage spaces adjusted to the nearest millimeter for an optimized and functional organization. The maxi casserole dish that multiplies the storage areas attests to this.

Idea N ° 2 - the Aragon Maestro kitchen: a perfect style

Schmidt Like a signature, wood is omnipresent here! Thus, the Aragon Maestro kitchen is not afraid to exploit the finishes and the effects. As evidenced by the treatment of the wood, brushed or sanded, which reveals the grain and highlights the lively, authentic and unique character of this material.

Idea N ° 2 - the Aragon Maestro kitchen: a clever arrangement

Schmidt In terms of layout, the long alignment of furniture balances the lines with the central island. This discreetly accommodates all the household appliances. The perfect height of its furniture allows you to integrate the fridge without producing a mass effect.

Idea N ° 2 - Aragon Maestro cuisine: make way for conviviality

Schmidt Made of oak, the kitchen has been designed to be convivial and practical. Schmidt imagined a work plan two by making the dining area and the preparation area coexist. A good solution for cooking without cutting yourself off from your guests.

Idea N ° 2 - the Aragon Maestro kitchen: à la carte finishing

Schmidt To suit all tastes and bring a certain cachet to the kitchen, the facades have four finishes to choose from: gold patina, sandblasted, brushed silver patina or sandblasted silver patina. The dream !

Idea N ° 3: the Strass kitchen: between transparency and brightness

Schmidt This latest kitchen harbors brilliant ideas, starting with its designer and mineral look. The "Glossy Cloud" color of the Brillant lacquered facades creates an interesting contrast with the whitewashed texture of the worktop. The fronts of the tall units create a visual break and give rhythm to the space due to their glossy finish.

Rhinestone kitchen: a clever arrangement

Schmidt The Strass kitchen also catches the eye with its layout and ergonomic choices. It offers a large technical island on which are located cooking, washing and other storage space under the plan. It is also lined with a low piece of furniture made up of two drawers, which also acts as a bench.

Idea N ° 3: the Rhinestone kitchen: practical and clever

Schmidt The kitchen also has low hanging, shallow cabinets, which together with the high elements form a coherent and impactful whole. The storage space in four columns accommodates all the appliances.