A design and modern home in Toronto

A design and modern home in Toronto

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Head to Toronto to discover this sublime contemporary residence created by the architectural firm Belzberg. The originality of the project: the architects received in 2015 the Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence award. Visit this dream house in pictures!

Materials of choice!

Belzberg Architecture The materials used? Wood, stone and zinc which reinforce the modern aspect of the construction and create an interesting contrast, totally in tune with the times.

Sweetness of life

Belzberg Architecture The well-appointed garden is nestled in a cocoon of nature and greenery. Overlooking the garden, the swimming pool, imagined as a large swimming pool, gives this delicious impression of being one with nature.

A house connected to its external environment

Belzberg Architecture The smooth transition between the interior and exterior of the house is facilitated by large bay windows. A solution that also optimizes the brightness in each room.

Mineral touch

Belzberg Architecture In the living room, open to the kitchen, materials of character play a major role. Chosen in mineral tones, they create a raw and elegant decor, in perfect harmony with the outside environment.

Authentic cuisine

Belzberg Architecture Attached to the living room, the kitchen, dressed in stone and in anthracite gray wooden furniture, is equipped with a large central island and a large dining table. A raw and authentic decor that blends perfectly with the comfortable and contemporary living room.

A staircase that breaks the codes

Belzberg Architecture The uniqueness of this contemporary house: this wooden staircase with distended and enveloping lines coordinated with the color of the floor.

Ethnic atmosphere

Belzberg Architecture Upstairs, the corridor giving access to the bedrooms and the bathrooms has its source in distant horizons. The long graphic carpet with ethnic motifs, the predominance of wood and the portrait of this woman from ethnic diversity attest to this.


Belzberg Architecture With its light shades, its rigorous lines and its large picture window, the bedroom becomes a cozy space conducive to contemplation, which allows owners to take full advantage of the outdoor landscape.

A warm terrace

Belzberg Architecture Overlooking the garden, the terrace allows owners to enjoy the spectacle of nature while admiring the flames dancing in the fireplace.