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A touch of gold for a festive decor

A touch of gold for a festive decor

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No color is as festive as gold! With its very precious appearance and sparkling shine, gold knows how to dress up the house for the holiday season. In very small touches or with larger pieces, here is the inspiration you need.

A precious mirror

Maisons du monde For a mirror that really looks good, we choose a model whose golden frame will bring a very royal style to the decoration. Placed on a red dresser, the gold will not fail to stand out.

Golden accessories

In the bedroom, you can opt for a less vivid gold which will not be less elegant. Opt for a table, cushions that take on the color on the bed and a lamp on the bedside table to set the tone.

Bling bling furniture

Maisons du monde For a very festive spirit in the house, do not hesitate to multiply the furniture in a very shiny golden coating. You will also opt for a fairly sober decoration in dark tones that will bring out the shade.

Golden Christmas decorations

Alinéa For a festive atmosphere in the living room, there are golden colored glasses on the coffee table and above all a large transparent vase which will welcome gold colored balls. Festive atmosphere guaranteed.

A golden party table

Alinéa This festive table uses the color codes of the Christmas tree with table runners, presentation plates and gold decorations. The whole is then bright and very festive.

A golden wallpaper in touches

Bartsch This polka dot wallpaper has pretty round and golden shapes that give a precious effect to the walls. Evoking the phases of the moon, this original paper will be ideal in a bedroom.

A golden light

Chehoma To create a golden atmosphere in your interior, call on the light by choosing a gold-colored lamp which diffuses a soft and warm light which will enhance your interior.

Stars on the walls

Ferm Living For a golden touch in the children's room, why not install a shower of stars on the wall? We then use golden stickers that will bring a magical atmosphere in the little children's room.

Precious table linen

Finally, for your party tables, also think of the linen in this original color. You can thus entertain a gold napkin on your plate by opting for a festive folding.


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