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Outdoor kitchens, proud to display dishes

Outdoor kitchens, proud to display dishes

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The antithesis of an impeccably tidy kitchen leaving no accessories lying around, it is an open kitchen not afraid to expose its dishes to everyone's eyes. In this line, we have selected a series of kitchens in which glasses and plates participate in the decor.

Along the wall

### On a wall shelf overhanging the worktop and running along the wall, we place the daily dishes to keep them close at hand. The very principle of a kitchen that lives and that does not hesitate to demonstrate!


### What if the kitchen was a hodgepodge of accessories, utensils, trinkets and dishes? It is at least the bias of it, proud to be naked to increase the degrees of friendliness by spreading everything it has on 3 shelves full. Nothing like a kitchen that lives!

Under the central island

### It is not only on tall furniture and shelves that dishes can be exposed. The proof with this central island with glass storage through which the stacks of plates personalize the decor in a chic and offbeat spirit.

Transparency game

### We can also stick to a common thread when we expose our dishes to everyone's eyes in the kitchen: prestige dishes, mismatched or purely transparent dishes, everyone can choose their style!

My cup of tea

### The motives at the forefront for these collections of glasses and cups sometimes graphic, sometimes punchy. What good reasons to highlight them in the decor! Here, it will be on a range of glass shelves following the furnace corner.

Behind tinted windows

### The showcase effect will be tinted in this kitchen. Halfway between open kitchen and closed kitchen, we like its play of shadow puppets suggesting the silhouette of stacked plates and glasses.

In boxes

### The bluish dishes in this kitchen have taken up residence in shelves with boxes clearly visible in the decor. A subtle reminder of the blue / white dress code of the piece.