10 galette des rois recipes

10 galette des rois recipes

If there is one essential pastry at the start of the year, it is undoubtedly the galette des rois, eaten a few days before and after the Epiphany. A culinary tradition that we take pleasure in rediscovering with these ten variants of the traditional frangipane galette.

The Tropézienne cake

Taste and colors When two culinary traditions meet, it gives a tasty and appetizing galette des rois in the Tropézienne tart style. A brioche in the shape of a crown, generously garnished with creamy cream, all sprinkled with sugar, this is the successful cocktail of this sin of gluttony.

Dunkerquoise buttered cake

Thermostat 7 In Dunkirk, when the day comes to make the galette des rois, it is not the frangipanes but the buttered galettes which invade the windows of our pastries. Halfway between the Tropézienne and the honeycomb, it has it all!

The brioche of the Provencal kings

By hungry for aromas Forget everything you know about the traditional galette des rois and succumb to the brioche from Provence. Perfumed with orange blossom and embellished with candied fruit, it reconciles everyone and creates the event by revisiting this classic in its own way.

The Franc-Comtoise cake

Chocolate on all floors On one side there are the followers of the galette des rois with almond cream or frangipane, and on the other, the supporters of the galette franc-comtoise or galette bisontine made from puff pastry flavored with orange blossom. A gourmet alternative to discover for the occasion.

The galette des rois Allemande

Königskuchen In Germany, the galette des rois often takes the form of a raisin brioche sprinkled with sugar crystals. Without frangipane and without nuts, it is the ideal solution for people allergic to almonds.

The galette des rois mexicaine

Flickr A delicious brioche with candied fruit, shaped in the shape of a crown where several "muñecos" are hidden inside ... this is the Mexican version of the frangipane puff pastry. Accompanied by a cup of hot cinnamon chocolate, the "Rosca de Reyes" has something to seduce.

King cake in the United States

vacant consiler Immersion in America with this very colorful version generously garnished with walnuts and pecans or candied fruit, all sprinkled with purple, green and gold sugar. The originality of the King Cake? He hides a small plastic baby inside him.

The Breton Kings Galette

A little gay in the quinces Resembling to be mistaken for a shortbread dough, the galette des rois brétonne seduces us because of its base of semi-salted butter and its perfume with rum. Browned with egg yolk and baked, it already makes us salivate!

The Dutch Kings Galette

Sharing 2 recipes In the Netherlands, two puff pastry discs garnished with almond cream then welded and enhanced with a macaroon-like crust replace the galette des rois with frangipane. A guilty pleasure to discover!