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Design idea: your decorated dining rooms

Design idea: your decorated dining rooms

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The dining room is the convivial room par excellence. Seated for a festive meal or for a simple lunch, family and friends come together to share warm moments. The participants of "Your decor in the headlines" have given their table decoration to their dining room before welcoming their guests. Discover the traditional, modern or sophisticated decorations of these tables.

Festive table

DR Nico chose a modern decoration for his festive table. He therefore opted for a dark tablecloth that brings out the white color of the plates. The candles are a reminder of the decoration of the dining room. This country house is therefore ready to welcome guests.

Festive table decoration

DR In order to complete its table decoration, Nico has placed a natural centerpiece which contrasts with the modernity of the tableware. The centerpiece is made of fir branches, pine cones and candle-colored Christmas balls. Here is a beautiful table for special occasions!

A blue and white dining room

DR This family decided to give the table decoration to their dining room. The set is therefore in gray-blue and white tones, the burgundy napkins bring a touch of color to the set. The croissants are just waiting to be tasted!

Nico's party table

DR In order to enhance its table decoration, Nico decided to use the white and red colors of his sofa and chairs. The plates are white as is the tablecloth, which contrasts with the glasses, cutlery and burgundy napkins. elements of nature delicately adorn the candle holder. Nico wanted a sophisticated and contemporary decoration, it is successful!

Rémy's dining room

DR For his guest house, Rémy welcomes his guests around a convivial table. The orange tablecloth gives character to the dining room and the pastel bouquet of flowers makes it possible to contrast, very gently, with the bright decoration. Basically, the opening towards the garden brings a touch of nature and freshness to the whole. There is a holiday feeling at Rémy's…

A refined dining room

DR Ingrid likes to give a second life to his old furniture. She repaints them to integrate them into her new atmospheres. The brightness of the room allows plants to grow. Ingrid opted for a modern transparent table and black chairs topped with gray cushions.

An urban and contemporary living room

DR Stéphanie wanted a New York atmosphere for her dining room. So she chose "brick" wallpaper and paintings in New York colors. The jukebox brings a retro touch and light to the dining room.