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When Danish designers customize your Ikea kitchen

When Danish designers customize your Ikea kitchen

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Providing consumers with modern, high-quality kitchens at affordable prices is the challenge successfully taken up by the brand new Danish brand Reform. Objective: customize your Ikea standardized kitchen furniture into original and elegant creations. And because the brand does not do things by halves, it has partnered for its launch with three collectives of young designers: BIG, Henning Larsen Architects and Norm Architects. Discovery!

Minimalist design

Reform Like the kitchens offered by the three collectives, Basis cuisine is defined by its lack of frills which does not make it less sophisticated. For this model, Reform insists on simplicity. A simplicity that wants to be elegant and which aims to highlight an element that sets the tone: color, material or decorative asset.

Two variations

Reform The detail that makes all the difference: the handles. Round or more elongated, in oak or smoked oak finish, they bring a touch of elegance by their mere presence.

Exceptional work plans

Reform This minimalist kitchen is enhanced by a worktop available in two finishes. Solid oak for a Scandinavian look or linoleum for a classic and timeless style… the choice is yours!

Blond or white wood

Reform The ideal kitchen of the Bjarke Ingels Group collective: a model with sharp lines in white or wood composite.


Reform The particularity of the model: it is decorated with handles in black nylon, a fabric used for making seat belts in cars. Rather original isn't it?

Nordic sweetness

Reform Omnipresence of light wood and white, clean lines and geometric shapes assert themselves to create a kitchen with a minimalist and Scandinavian design. A warm and charming creation that we owe to the collective Henning Larsen Architects.

Wood and copper

Reform Dressed entirely in wood, this second kitchen by the Henning Larsen Architects collective is distinguished by its vertical copper lines which are inserted between the raw wood doors. A salmon pink tone which brings great finesse to this overly massive module.

Raw spirit

Reform Finally, the architectural agency Norm Architects dares a raw kitchen in bronze, concrete fiber and smoked oak, both elegant and modern.


Reform To give a unique character to your kitchen, you can personalize your storefront using selected doors and façades in different materials. Fiber concrete worktop with tombac or oak facades for example.