A leather sofa for all styles

A leather sofa for all styles

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Who says leather sofas can only be installed in classic interiors? The new leather sofas find their place in all interior styles thanks to original shapes and varied finishes. Discover in pictures 10 leather sofas for 10 styles.

A leather sofa in a loft living room

Alinéa Do you live in a loft? The leather sofa is also for you. In this case, you will have to bet on a fairly classic and timeless model that you will choose in a fairly patinated brown leather.

A country style leather sofa

Alinéa If your living room has beautiful exposed stones and wooden furniture, the leather sofa should be chosen in a fairly chic style like an English club-inspired sofa. We put on a dark and shiny leather to maintain so that it keeps its beautiful finish.

A leather sofa in a flea market interior

Alinéa And if you hunt your leather sofa so that it fits even better with your flea market style decoration. We are particularly looking for a slightly vintage model whose leather has been weathered over time.

A leather sofa in a female living room

La Redoute Leather does not necessarily give a masculine atmosphere to the room. Choose a round sofa in white leather that you will accessorize with clear cushions to integrate it into a resolutely feminine decor.

A leather sofa in a pop interior

Purpose For pop interiors that are not chilling, you will find very original leather sofas. For a pop interior, you can choose a model with very round armrests in a two-tone finish that will be very graphic.

A leather sofa in a living room under the sign of travel

Conforama Is your decor taking on ethnic accents? We then put on a leather sofa with very simple lines in a dark brown which could almost imitate the ebony of wood. We then play with colorful cushions for the exotic touch.

A leather sofa in a chalet-style living room

Fly If your interior takes on the appearance of a chalet, the leather sofa is ideal because it will complement the profusion of materials offered by wood and faux fur. You will get a very warm result.

A leather sofa for a designer style

Fly For a designer interior, the leather sofa is very refined! We put on fairly simple and pure lines and we choose a bright white so that the sofa is the centerpiece of the decor.

A leather sofa in a modern interior

Fly For a modern and colorful interior, the leather sofa should be white to highlight the different shades of the decor. We opt for modern lines with chrome legs for example.


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