Castle decor in 10 keys

Castle decor in 10 keys

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Immersion in castles to appropriate their "grand century" style and their pronounced taste for authenticity. Guided tour.

Hunting trophies

### To achieve a castle-like decor in the rules of the art, it is impossible to miss hunting trophies. Because if they are currently making a strong comeback in the trend to follow, they embody above all, one of the favorite hobbies of the well-to-do men.

Four poster bed

### On the bedroom side, four-poster beds are essential. Surrounded by curtains and drapes, the sleeping area was as prestigious as its inhabitants.

Tapestry on the wall

### On the walls, tapestries representing landscapes or small scenes from everyday life in the past plant the style. Chosen in XXL version, they split the effect.

Old fashioned library

### The vast libraries rich in culture and literature have always had a special place in castles. Old works and precious manuscripts are generally exposed several meters below the ceiling, as here.

Stone statues

### The statues are an integral part of traditional castles. Busts, characters, saints or warriors, they alone embody the artistic soul of yesteryear and one of the most important pieces of decoration of the time.

Pan walls

### In cooking, tradition has it that pots and pans reinvent the decoration of walls. Always according to tradition, it will be coppery!

Antique furniture

### No way to give way to the latest design if we want to preserve a castle atmosphere. It is more antique furniture to hunt around for flea markets which is essential.

Upholstered chairs

### Even the chairs are upholstered in antique fabric. Authenticity forwards!

Dressing great century

### At the time, women wore very tight corsets, and chairs, very refined fabric covers. This is also the spirit of the great century! ## Discover even more inspirations: here!