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Les Hautes Bruyères between calm and serenity in Ecully

Les Hautes Bruyères between calm and serenity in Ecully

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Téva Dévo takes you to the edge of the chic suburb of Lyon in a warm guest house which retains all its authenticity, that of the Hautes Bruyères. Embark on a home that illustrates so well his desires and expectations, with a particularly natural, exceptional and comfortable elegance. Natural colors and charming objects found at second-hand dealers in the region by Karine Laurent-Rault envelop the rooms with an aura of serenity and luxurious comfort.

Les Hautes Bruyères exterior 1

Les Hautes Bruyères Outside, the old park of oaks, maples and heather is today dressed with cypresses, olive trees and aromatic plants. A nice haven of conviviality that lets out a pleasant holiday atmosphere ...

Les Hautes Bruyères terrace

Les Hautes Bruyères The terrace, furnished with lovely armchairs, gives you the opportunity to savor delicious moments of relaxation with family in a haven of greenery and freshness.

Les Hautes Bruyères discreet room

Les Hautes Bruyères The patinated woods, terracotta, old engravings, and the chandelier with pendants make a bed and breakfast ****** a cocoon of romanticism.

Les Hautes Bruyères living room

Les Hautes Bruyères In this living room, between a linen sofa, a scalloped wrought iron coffee table, antique wooden furniture, bird cages and artisan baskets, everything is just poetry…

Les Hautes Bruyères outdoor lounge

Les Hautes Bruyères A kitchen which benefits from a welcoming light created by the three large rounded glass doors.

Les Hautes Bruyères swimming pool

Les Hautes Bruyères Out of sight, a spacious swimming pool surrounded by a superb furnished terrace with beautiful wicker armchairs will offer you a moment of well-being amidst the greenery.


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