10 beautiful rooms with fireplace

10 beautiful rooms with fireplace

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Winter time requires, we now have only one desire: to create a cozy bedroom at will conducive to moments of sweetness. And what could be better than a beautiful fireplace to give life to this cocooning atmosphere worthy of the prettiest Scandinavian homes? No more time to lose, let yourself be inspired by these 10 atmospheres…

Scandinavian bedroom with black fireplace

Brooke Holm

Ideal for revitalizing the Scandinavian atmosphere of this bright room, a black fireplace has taken place at the end of the bed. ** Source **: Clare Cousins ​​Architects

A cozy bedroom with fireplace

Mi casa

Favorite for this room with a 100% cozy atmosphere. In addition to a cocooning decoration and a beautiful floor, it is the period fireplace that caught our eye. ** Source **: Mi Casa

A classic room with fireplace

Birgitta Wolfgang

Both chic and classic, this character fireplace adds a touch of authenticity to this elegant room. ** Source **: Birgitta Wolfgang

A warm bedroom with fireplace

Nina Farmer Interiors

Expertly declined in subtle shades of gray, taupe and white, the decoration of this room is enhanced by an elegant fireplace facing a beautiful bed. ** Source **: Nina Farmer Interiors

A charming room with fireplace

Mikkel Adsbøl

Diffusing warmth throughout the room, this open fireplace fits perfectly with the charming decoration that appeals to us at first glance: exposed beams, tiled floor, whitewashed walls ... ** Source ** : Mikkel Adsbøl

A room mixing black fireplace and parquet

Techné workshop

The atmosphere is refined in this stylish room. And to bring a touch of originality, make way for a completely black fireplace! A mix and match that hits the bull's eye. ** Source **: Techné Workshop

A white room with fireplace

Mc Alpine Booth & Ferrier

Comfortable and warm, here is a room where it is good to bask, in style. Most ? A large fireplace accentuates this cocooning atmosphere. ** Source **: Mc Alpine Booth Ferrier

A bright bedroom with stone fireplace

Alan Design Studio

Open on a pleasant veranda, this room leaves you dreaming ... And to perfect the decoration of the latter, an impressive fireplace dressed in stone has been added. ** Source **: Alan Design Studio

The stove is also invited in the bedroom

Chic and Deco

Good alternative to the fireplace, sometimes a little imposing, the stove also invites itself into the bedroom, and sublimates it with delicacy. ** Source **: Chic and Deco