Pretty rugs for the little ones!

Pretty rugs for the little ones!

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In the children's room, there is no question of being satisfied with a simple plain carpet! We play the card of fantasy with playful and childish models that are sure to please the little ones and set the tone for their universe. We have selected 20 pretty models just for your little ones.

A tiger-shaped rug

Ikea Watch your eyes! To make your child happy, install this orange carpet signed Ikea (reference Glödande) in velvet. The advantage? It is very soft on the feet and reduces noise when your toddlers play in their room.

Hopscotch in your room

Maisons du monde To make your child's bedroom an original play space, adopt this pastel-colored rug that takes up the famous game of hopscotch. No need to go outside and draw a hopscotch on the ground in chalk, you can play with your child in rainy weather.

A carpet that makes you hungry!

La Redoute This beige model is covered with colorful delicacies, which awaken your appetite! It is ideal for bringing color and warmth to a child's room but also for inspiring the little ones when they are playing in the kitchen or in the dinette.

Elegant rugs

H&M Home Just because the kids' room is often a mess doesn't mean it shouldn't be chic. These small rugs find their place under a bedside table, under a storage box or even at the foot of a bed.

A trompe-l'oeil carpet

Oyoy To fill your little boy, nothing like a carpet that takes a road so that he can play with his cars on the ground. The pretty brand Oyoy understood everything by drawing this black and white model which is placed along the bed or against a wall.

A carpet for traveling

Alinéa In order to create a room for Indians, Alinéa thought of everything! Between the bed in the shape of a wooden cabin, the bed linen and the carpet in shimmering colors, it feels like a western! Something to delight your little boy.

A fringed carpet to boost the decor

Fly The children's room is also entitled to its own decor. Here, the pastel bed linen is awakened by the wall painted in bright yellow and the two-tone fringed carpet. This type of model is ideal for lowering the bed or for creating a play area on the floor.

A cloud-shaped rug

La Redoute A child needs to dream and to escape, especially in his room. This cloud-shaped rug is ideal for having a poetic atmosphere in the children's room. Install it in front of a bedside table or next to a bookcase for a soothing reading corner.

Playing on a mat

Ikea The carpet is a decorative object in its own right but, in a children's room, it can also act as a game on its own. The proof, this model represents a circuit on which your children can play with their small cars, their electric train and their plastic characters. You just have to invite their friends!

XXL carpet

Nappie If you have several children and you want them to have a space to play in their bedroom, opt for an XXL rug. Choose it preferably in pastel color, like this washable model signed Nappie, so that it is more conducive to concentration and calm. Let's go for the painting workshops!

Create harmony in the bedroom

Maisons du monde If the carpet can stand out with the rest of the decoration to become a unique piece, it can also be combined with many accessories in the same colors and style to blend in with the decor. Here, it is the star motif which has the dimension, from the lamp to the suspension passing by the shelf.

Playing with shapes and colors

Nidi The great advantage of decorating a children's room is that you can have fun! Do not be afraid to play on shapes, reliefs and colors with designer furniture and seats but also with colorful accessories like this red carpet with white polka dots by Nidi.

An African carpet

Go to Africa with this wooden room! To bring an exotic touch to the room, the zebra carpet, the parakeets in the shape of savannah animals and the green bed linen are in perfect harmony.

Animal rugs

Bloomingville Generally, children love animals. They should therefore be delighted to find a fox, a squirrel or even a bear on different carpets and cushions! We love the pastel colors and the dotted designs of the Bloovingville brand.

A colorful awakening mat

Cocoeko For young children, the play mats are perfect for learning to move around and play with the games around them. This colorful model will highlight a solid wooden floor while allowing your child to have fun in his room.

A candy pink carpet

Ikea Notice to mothers of girly little girls! Pink is one of its essential colors for a girl's room worthy of the name. Opt for a large model that will warm the space and set the tone for the room.

A playful play mat

Westwing To learn and play with peace of mind, play mats are very practical for young children, who cannot yet walk. In this room, this model gives a colorful and playful side while being sufficiently comfortable.

A princess carpet!

Twenga Recreate a garden worthy of a princess castle with this large round carpet which features green, blue and pink tones. Prefer this kind of model in a fairly neutral room, so as not to overload the space. The advantage? The carpet is quite thick and therefore very comfortable.

A small round carpet

Purpose To get out of bed, store toys or simply add color to a child's room, you can acquire one (or more) round carpets in pop or acid colors, depending on the style of the room.