Visit the garden on rue des Petits Prés

Visit the garden on rue des Petits Prés

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For his garden, Thierry Floreau wanted everything except plants and compositions seen and reviewed under our skies. It was this taste for novelty and the challenge it represented that led him to take an interest in exotic plants. In the garden adjoining his pavilion, our gardener has composed multiple plant scenes to honor these beautiful visitors from elsewhere: flowerbeds of varying heights, flowerbeds with irregular shapes, rock gardens or even green spaces around the banks of the ponds that 'he has furnished himself. You have to believe, given the luxuriance of his garden, that the plants appreciated the efforts made to allow them to acclimatize. Efforts also welcomed by visitors to the garden, welcomed by Thierry Floreau in person for the duration of a visit. Our gardener sees these moments as a special opportunity to communicate his passion. A passion and a work recognized and rewarded last year by the 3rd prize of Bonpland 2014.

Garden of the rue des Petits Prés 003

Le paradis de Cézy ## A vast collection of heucheries Heucheres don't just rely on their delicate and airy flowering to brighten up the garden. Their deeply ribbed leaves do it all by themselves, with, depending on the variety, an ecru, orange, red, burgundy palette…

Garden of the rue des Petits Prés 012

Cézy's paradise ## A friendly… and family garden Lucas, the couple's son, trudges on a lawn whose softness has nothing to envy to the carpets of the house.

Garden of rue des Petits Prés 001

Cézy's paradise ## The gardener in front of his work The garden will have received 450 spontaneous visits in 2014 alone. Initiatives that Thierry Floreau encourages, seeing them as the reward for his investment and as a privileged opportunity to show his achievements and share her passion.

Garden of the rue des Petits Prés 002

Cézy's paradise ## The basin of love? . A few discreet Japanese steps lead to this pool, the edges of which follow the shape of a heart.

Garden of the rue des Petits Prés 009

Cézy's paradise ## Invitation to contemplation On either side of the garden, chairs are available to visitors, allowing them to taste a moment of rest under a beneficial shade, or to enjoy the surrounding spectacle in complete tranquility .

Rue des Petits Prés garden 013

Cézy's paradise ## Water games in the garden. Each of the three pools in the garden is adorned with a small waterfall which distributes the freshness of its water to the surrounding plants.

Rue des Petits Prés garden 011

Cézy's paradise ## Cloud trees Our gardener winks here at Japan through these ornamental trees delicately cut "into clouds".

Garden of the rue des Petits Prés 010

The paradise of Cézy ## Japanese steps in the middle of the vegetation Another note of the Land of the Rising Sun is found here, with these Japanese steps which guide visitors through the exotic vegetation and the water points which feed it .

Rue des Petits Prés garden 007

Cézy's paradise ## Yuccas in bloom This is the time of flowering for yuccas which grow their stems garnished with fragrant flowers to more than a meter from the ground.

Garden of the rue des Petits Prés 006

The paradise of Cézy ## A lush garden It only takes a detail in the landscape - here the statue in the foreground - to measure the dimensions and the vigor of these beautiful exotic plants.

Garden of rue des Petits Prés 005

Cézy's paradise ## A rock garden of succulents Some plants - like here the echeveria - will remain at ground level to colonize it with their rosettes, while others, such as the imposing agaves, are destined to become even larger and spectacular over the years.

Garden of rue des Petits Prés 004

Cézy's paradise ## Alleyways like rivers The lawn, like the Amazon river, seems to flow at a pace that is both slow and powerful between the side clumps.