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HK Living, rustic charm from the Netherlands

HK Living, rustic charm from the Netherlands

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HK Living is a Dutch brand whose design creations are making the world vibrate today. Since its creation in 2009, its designers have focused on meticulous details and eye-catching colors, to create unique and personalized interiors. From furniture to light fixtures, linens and accessories for everyday life, the whole Scandinavian soul comes with talent in this new catalog, the promise of a winter full of charm and conviviality.

Natural materials in the spotlight

HK Living Far from any superficiality, HK Living gives pride of place to naturalness and simplicity. The editorial team fell in love with this Ottoman lounge chair, which is enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. We like the large traditional stripes, which plunge us into an oriental universe without ostentation. The rattan seat, a touch of retro, blends perfectly into this simple and bright atmosphere!

Mix & match!

HK Living And if you mix styles without worrying about what will we say? In this resolutely contemporary bathroom, the stylists have dared to combine contemporary minimalism with rustic revisited. Arty effect guaranteed, thanks to the details that enhance the atmosphere of the room.

Timeless design

HK Living The industrial lamp "Atelier" from HK Living is undoubtedly one of the brand's bestsellers. It is available in several neutral tones, but also in more vivid colors such as jade, cherry red, gold and copper.

Original coat hooks to bring color to the walls

HK Living The coat hooks are making a comeback in decoration and are integrated into the walls of the house to give them a poetic or humorous touch. These are in the shape of a cross, and form a very graphic whole when we mix sizes and colors.

A suspended seat for moments of relaxation and reading

HK Living Whether in the middle of the living room, on the side of the fireplace, near a window, in a corner of the room or under a beam, the hanging chair is an original decorative idea to create a corner where lover. This model created by HK Living is an invitation to succumb to these moments of laziness essential for blowing, tasting a tea, reading, sleeping or just dreaming…

A carpet in shimmering colors

HK Living The boucherouite rugs are hand woven by Berber women in rural areas in Morocco. The latter make them from recycled fabrics, very often colored. The result ? Trendy, vintage and graphic rugs that adapt to any interior. We love this model adorned with pretty shimmering diamonds, which illuminate an interior a little too wise.

Designer seats

HK Living HK Living designers like to mix materials, for a semi-vintage, semi-contemporary look. These rattan and black metal seats are no exception, and can easily be combined with all interior styles.

HK Living renews the demijohn

HK Living In recent seasons, blown glass has been on the rise more than ever! Halfway between a vase and a demijohn, these colored glass containers delicately welcome our most simple floral compositions.

Trees in my decor

HK Living In the absence of a real tree, why not integrate pretty stylized branches in your interior? Ideal as a coat stand, towel rack or simply placed against a wall, this set of three hand-painted branches brings an original touch to an entry or living room.