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The decor of your vacation: cabin style in Canada

The decor of your vacation: cabin style in Canada

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The great outdoors make you dream? You may have spent your last vacation in Canada and discovered the warm interiors of the far north. If you want a cabin-style decoration in Canada, we suggest that you discover ideas so that your interior looks like a cabin in the middle of the maple trees.

Wood in the spotlight in the dining room

Maisons du Monde To taste delicious maple syrup dishes, go to the dining room where wood will be in the spotlight. We opt for a parquet floor and we will also choose wood for the walls. To complete it all, put on a massive table in a wood of character and install leather chairs to sit down.

Esprit Canada design

Maisons du monde For a very contemporary Canadian spirit, we install furniture that mixes pure lines with materials of character such as wood and leather. We install everything in a white wood decor and we warm up the atmosphere with a patchwork carpet with animal skin effect.

A warm living room

Maisons du monde In this living room, the materials provide the heat necessary to face the cold outside. There are several types of wood with wood on the walls, on the floor and in the furniture. Then, the whole is dressed in an aged leather armchair and sofa and a faux fur rug.

A lounge around the fireplace

Maisons du monde In this room, the living room is installed near the fireplace to benefit from the heat of the fire. On the furniture side, an armchair and a club sofa gives a cozy atmosphere which is even more accentuated by a skin as a carpet as well as plaids and cushions in faux fur.

A cozy bedroom

La Redoute To make your bedroom a cozy nest, nothing like a big bed with comfortable cushions. We opt for a monumental wooden headboard to set the scene. To bring even more warmth, a large carpet will decorate the parquet floor and a faux fur plaid will be ready to warm you up.

A warm bedroom

La Redoute In this room, wood blends with leather to give a very warm style. For the decorative touch, a faux fur plaid settles on the bed and a faux sheepskin will welcome your bare feet when you get out of bed.

Wood-clad walls

Graham & Brown To give a warm style to any room, you will understand, wood is the ideal material. But if you don't have a wooden wall and you don't want to do any work, the wallpaper will do the trick thanks to a stunning trompe l'oeil effect.

Logs in the house

Rasch For a decor style inspired by Canada, we put on wooden logs that will give a warm style while recalling the great forests of the country. You will find stools in the shape of a log but also wallpaper that imitates the piled up wood to be used in the fireplace.

Decorative wood logs

La Redoute In this living room, all the ingredients come together to create a warm space: soft cushions, a thick carpet, a faux fur plaid and many logs to create an original coffee table.