Slo Living Hostel: a Slow travel hostel in Lyon

Slo Living Hostel: a Slow travel hostel in Lyon

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A youth hostel certainly but a hostel of a new kind. The Slo Living Hostel opened its doors just a year ago in the heart of Lyon in the Guillotière district - where artists 'studios, recently small artists' shops and highly recommendable places have flourished. Charlotte Bollard (ilo ilo architecture), co-founder and architect of the project explains: "We wanted to create a refined and current atmosphere, with particular attention paid to the carpentry elements (fixed furniture, bar ...), furniture and The objective was to create a friendly living space by working with natural materials such as wood and by emphasizing the light atmosphere and comfort. " Thus, the Slo Living Hostel advocates "Slow Travel", how to take your time to travel comfortably and at affordable prices…

Breakfast corner like at home

Slo Living Hostel In the living room, the large wooden table and its bench call to share breakfast in a good mood. Like at home.

Bright wine bar

Slo Living Hostel As for the wine bar, we like the association of white Tolix bar stools, light wooden bar, shelving on the wall and light bulbs falling from the sky.

Courtyard room

Slo Living Hostel The private rooms are spacious and bright, overlooking the small interior courtyard. We find the colors of the common areas, white and this beautiful mustard yellow.

Cozy bed

Slo Living Hostel As a headboard, a wall lined with graphic wallpaper.

The importance of details in design

Slo Living Hostel While we find the Wood Lamp by Muuto to the left of the bed, on the other side of the bedroom, it's the studious corner with a very nice vintage desk with compass feet and fiftie coat hooks.

Small bathroom

Slo Living Hostel The bedroom overlooks a small, efficient hotel bathroom. The white is warmed by the large Muuto wooden coat hooks and the wooden details of the mirrors (Ikea collections Stockholm and PS 2014).

Corridor and light show

Slo Living Hostel In the corridors, posters and lighting effects warm the atmosphere.

Comfortable youth hostel

Slo Living Hostel As for the dormitories of this new kind of hostel, they are made smaller, more comfortable and more intimate than the large dormitories which many remember. With custom storage in OSB.

Peaceful patio

Slo Living Hostel The icing on the cake, the hotel benefits from a beautiful private patio.


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