Charming stop in a typical Apulian house in Italy

Charming stop in a typical Apulian house in Italy

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Have you ever heard of the Trulli? If it is not yet the case, direction South Italy, to discover the Trullo Dei Mandorli complex, construction typical of the region of Puglia renovated by the architecture agency Azzurra Garzone. Between tradition and modernity, we open the doors to this dream home!

At the heart of tradition

Azzurra Garzone architetto Surmounted by their conical roofs, these pretty houses built in dry stone without mortar or any other connecting element - technique inherited from prehistory and still used in the region - seduce us with their perfect architecture and the simplicity of their form .

A preserved environment

Azzurra Garzone architetto Overlooking the picturesque town of Martina France, the Trullo Dei Mandorli complex is located in the heart of the Itria valley. The alternation of ravines and hillsides, the high density of trulli and farms, the fields delimited by the dry stone walls, create one of the most beautiful landscapes of Puglia.

A beautiful renovation

Azzurra Garzone architetto The renovation of the property has been carried out with the greatest care. The architectural agency Azzurra Garzone has thus taken to heart to preserve the soul of this old Trullo by sublimating the original elements, which make the charm of the property. The result is a comfortable country home where life is good.

Preserving the charm of yesteryear

Azzurra Garzone architetto On the ground, the limestone slabs remained intact. The walls, pierced with small windows, have been whitewashed to ensure freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

A beautiful swimming pool

Azzurra Garzone architetto Always with the aim of preserving the traditional charm of the building, the interior of the swimming pool has been clad in local limestone. Outside, the floor was covered with terracotta.

Between tradition and modernity

Azzurra Garzone architetto Inside, the fabrics and materials chosen complement each other with the natural elements of the building. This is evidenced by the red carpet on the floor, which brings warmth and dynamism to the room or the graphic cushions, in total harmony with the style of the Trullo.

A renovation faithful to tradition

Azzurra Garzone architetto While the bathrooms have been coated with a mixture of cement and natural pigments from the surrounding soil, on the ground, the architectural firm has bet on chianche in the kitchen, a traditional coating of the region.

Incandescent whiteness

Azzurra Garzone architetto Variable in size, with different niches and alcoves, each of the rooms gives pride of place to the white color.

Rooms you want some here!

Azzurra Garzone architetto Besides the spacious living room with fireplace, the well-equipped kitchen, the two bathrooms with shower and the first master bedroom, the complex also includes a second double bedroom and a twin bedroom for children.