What bedside table for my bedroom?

What bedside table for my bedroom?

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If originally, the bedside table was used to hide the chamber pot, today it is both useful and aesthetic furniture that can accommodate our bedside lamps and some reading books. To choose it, we follow the style of the room. Here are 10 bedside cabinets to inspire you.

A small storage unit

Fly If for you, the bedside table should above all be used for storing the books you are reading, then you can opt for a small mini library locker that will perfectly fulfill its function.

A sleek bedside table

Fly For the bedside table to be forgotten in favor of the rest of the decoration, we prefer a sleek model that is aptly named table. It is then a simple service table simply presenting a lower shelf for sliding a book.

A bedside table coordinated with the bed

Purpose In this exotic room, the bedside cabinet follows the movement. For this, it coordinates with the bed using rattan as the preferred material. Everything is harmonious and sets the tone for the room.

Two pedestal tables

Fly For simple and very decorative bedside tables, you can also bet on side tables that will be placed on either side of the bed. This lighter furniture than a bedside table will lighten the space for a more refined decor.

A storage cube

Fly Do not hesitate to turn to the original forms which will not only allow you to create additional storage space but also to bring a decorative touch to your room.

A headboard bedside table

Fly Some headboards offer an extension that allows it to be used as a bedside table. You can integrate your lamp and a few books while achieving a certain harmony between the bed and the bedside table.

Two bedside tables

Purpose In this room where all the furniture is coordinated, the bedside tables are no exception to the rule. For a graphic style and so that each occupant of the room benefits from the practicality of the bedside table, a piece of furniture is installed on each side.

A mirror bedside table

AM.PM Finally, for an original bedside table, you can opt for an innovative material such as the mirror. It will give a feminine style to your room while combining elegance and design.

A designer bedside table

AM.PM To create a surprise at the bedside and reinforce a design style decoration, you can opt for an original bedside table like this metal spool which accommodates a bedside lamp with designer lines.