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30 bucolic garden party scenes

30 bucolic garden party scenes

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Given outdoors, in a garden or in a park, the garden party is an opportunity to bring people together in a more prestigious atmosphere than a simple picnic or barbecue. The decor must therefore be at the top! Here are 30 atmospheres to find inspiration.

Butterflies on the plate

Kristin Sarna The charm of a garden party also plays on the details. Remember to decorate your table with mismatched and vintage dishes. The must: invite nature to your plates with a butterfly motif service. Source: Karin Bohn

Garden party on the beach

Daniel Lateulade Photography There are those who have a beautiful lawn behind their house, but let's not forget those who overlook the beach directly. For an original dinner, move your dining table directly to the water's edge. Source: The Vault

A white tent

Feather Love Photography And for a hipster garden party, opt for a beautiful white tent, ideal for protecting yourself from the sun during a meal or from unpredictable rain. Source: Feather Love Photography

The pennants and lanterns alliance

Tim Coulson This is a combo that works every time. If your Garden Party takes place at night, add pretty lanterns to your pennants! Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Don't forget the pennants!

Andrew Rollinger (Flickr) A pretty garden party decoration does not fail to decorate the trees. Here, we find pretty fabric pennants. Source: Bellacor

Beautiful candle holders

Kristin Sarna For a beautiful table decoration, opt for beautiful golden candlesticks like these. Source: Karin Bohn

Bucolic and bohemian

100 Layer Cake / Jennifer Daigle For a garden party that is both bucolic and bohemian, cover your lawn with old carpets and have your guests sit on very soft cushions. Source: 100 Layer Cake

Umbrellas in summer

Ozzy Garcia Photography / The Vault Bet on originality by hanging colorful umbrellas on your trees, parasol down. Source: The Vault

Nice night bar

Sunny Slide Up If your garden party goes on late at night, plan a night bar. Illuminated with lanterns, it will delight the most thirsty. Source: Sunny Slide Up

The essential balloons

The Glam Pad Balloons never disappoint. Inflated with helium, they lightly decorate a pretty table. Source: The Glam Pad

Dress your pallets

Catch my Party In your garden, have well-cleaned pallets on which you arrange eclectic plates and cutlery. Source: Catch my Party

Rural to the end

Morning by Foley For a rustic garden party, use the haystacks of the field next door. Covered with wooden planks, they will make very pretty tables. Source: Morning by Foley

Beautiful wooden table

Once Wed / Jose Villa Create your own table with old stumps of trees topped with wooden planks. Bucolic effect guaranteed. Source: Once Wed

Don't skimp on flowers

The Barefoot Bride The more flowers, the better. Make beautiful centerpieces well stocked and, if possible, hang beautiful bouquets above the tables. Source: The Barefoot Bride

Recycle wooden barrels

My Sweet and Saucy For a rustic touch in your bucolic decor, use beautiful wooden barrels as table legs. Source: My Sweet and Saucy

Egg baskets

Corbin Gurkine With our grandmothers' egg baskets, improvise a pretty hanging decoration. Source: Style me pretty

Back to strains

Greenweightloss tea Do not hesitate to use the tree stumps present in your garden as seats and tables. Source: Tiny White Daisies

At the mad hatter

The Vault / Jessica Claire and OC Prop Girl Bet on the originality of a Lewis Carroll-style decoration by recreating the tea table of the mad hatter. Hanging frames, mismatched chairs, let your imagination run wild! Source: The Vault

Pallets at the water's edge

Mel Denisse If you are lucky enough to have a lake-side plot, install pallets, throws and cushions to reproduce this dream scene. Source: Mel Denisse

Heather furniture

Pinterest - Donal Skehan A large wooden table, mismatched chairs, to give a retro theme to your garden party, adopt antique furniture normally reserved for the dining room. Sources: Pinterest & Donal Skehan

Soft cushions

Ohsuzeq - Vestidos Lindos Atelier Don't forget the comfort of your guests! If you opted for wooden benches, add some soft cushions or patties in the same tones as the tablecloth or table runner. Sources: Ohsuzeq & Vestidos Lindos Atelier

Light garlands

Ekstrax - The Fresh Exchange If your garden party takes place in the evening, think of the lighting! We love the idea of ​​light garlands or hanging glass jars in which a few candles have slipped. The atmosphere is intimate and friendly… Sources: Ekstrax & The Fresh Exchange

A linen table runner

Valdirose Do you find the tablecloth too conventional for a garden party? Rather bet on a linen table runner in the natural color which will be much more discreet. A real charming asset! Source: Valdirose

Fruits and vegetables on the table

Pinterest - Pinterest To add a bucolic touch to your table, don't be afraid to add some fruits and vegetables to your decor. Pumpkins in the center of the table, red apples in place cards… Sources: Pinterest & Pinterest

Flowers to decorate the plate

My Domaine - Kate Zimmerman In the center of the table, but also to give a refined note before the meal, put beautiful fresh flowers on the plates. Sources: My Domaine & Camille Styles

Lunch on the ground

Jessica Bordner Photography - Camille Styles Thanks to a small coffee table or pallets, as well as some cozy cushions, transform your garden party into a refined picnic. Sources: Style Me Pretty & Flickr

Vegetal touches

Hurst and Brown Slipped into medicine jars or simply placed, the vegetable touches bring a little life to a simple raw wooden table. An idea easy to remember and realize! Source: Hurst and Brown

Large wooden planks

Nicole Franzen It is important that your garden party is punctuated by conviviality. For this, we place on the table large wooden planks that each happens once served. Source: Nicole Franzen

Pretty dishes

Jennifer Causey It is not because we eat outside that we should neglect the dishes! During a garden party, the latter plays the card of elegance and refinement. Source: Jennifer Causey